2014 GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial Revealed


It looks like GoDaddy has released its 2014 Super Bowl commercial, and it’s quite different from the Super Bowl commercials that helped make the company a household name. Instead of press about banned commercials, “uncensored” commercials found online, and the GoDaddy girls taking on a prominent role in the commercial, the recent branding change from GoDaddy takes center stage.

This year’s GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial features a massive group of bodybuilders running to a spray tan shop. Professional racecar driver and long time GoDaddy Girl Danica Patrick is also seen running with the group of body builders. Danica has more of a minor role in the commercial than in previous years.

As they reach the shop, the small business owner can be heard saying the new GoDaddy tagline and call to action, “It’s Go Time!”

The commercial is certainly a change to the old, sexy GoDaddy branding, but it gets the point across quite well. It will be interesting to see what people have to say about the commercial and how much of an impact it has on sales. The company has always taken great pride in the activity that occurred on its website after the more controversial commercials aired, and this rebranding will be interesting to follow.

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  1. It’s interesting because if you weren’t familiar with GoDaddy, you’d have no idea what that commercial was for. It could be a commercial for the Yellow Pages (Tan Pages?).

  2. What a “blow it”!….. The local kids with a cell phone camera making video clips can do better than that……When is GD marketing going to pull their head out of their @#$%$?….They have a great business model, there is no reason to continue “whoreing” themselves out.

    • My feeling is that the company believes it has a strong enough brand to focus on how it is helping a small business.

      Every small business wants to have hordes of customers beating down its doors, and they would be happy to have to deal with a major crowd like this.

  3. I’ll also add that GoDaddy has been going downhill ever since they took on the vc investments. This just jives with the whole trend.

  4. What does Godaddy do to help small businesses that other Registrars don’t do?

    As for the ad, yes it’s crappy compared to the other ads that used to sex to sell Godaddy products, products that have absolutely NO relation to Women whatsoever…. Just like some domain bloggers (not you Elliot) doing the same, mimicking Godaddy’s sex appeal model to sell visitors on their crappy content.

    It’s like the Carls JR. commercials that do the same, Burgers, Fries and Hot babes.. LOL.

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