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This morning, I was looking to find the email address of a domain owner, and I had no luck. I want to share a method of finding a domain name if you run into the same issue. It won’t work every time, but if the domain name was ever developed, there is a good chance you’ll find the contact info you want.

The domain name I was searching is registered to a doctor, but the email address and other administrative contact information is associated with a hosting company. A Whois history search revealed that this has been the case for over 10 years, and there are no Whois records with the doctor’s email address or contact information. The domain name is currently parked, making it more difficult to find the owner.

If a domain name is registered in the name of a hosting company or has hosting company contact details, it is highly likely that the domain name was developed at some point in the past. Why else would a person or company use a hosting company to register a domain name if the domain name was never developed? Assuming that is the case, it is highly likely you can see an iteration of the former website using and/or

By using and, you can see an old websites. Most websites have a company’s contact information, including phone number and email address. Although that information may be old, there is still a pretty good shot it’s accurate. I’ve had the same mobile phone number since 1998, and there’s a fair chance the domain owner’s contact information will be the same (unless they went out of business).

I’ve found that is faster at producing results, but offers the ability to search within a website. If the contact information isn’t on the homepage, oftentimes in the footer, there is probably contact or about page that has the contact info. If you use for this search, you’ll probably have luck. Obviously, you’ll want to use the most recent version of the website to get more recent contact information.

I have not done a search for the doctor’s information yet because I thought it would be a good topic to discuss. If I can’t find this information, I can always search public records for this doctor’s contact information. Unfortunately, he has a common name and the address changed a few times on the Whois record, so I don’t even know the city in which he practices.


  1. If you know the state in which the doctor practices, the state`s medical licensing board will have his name and address on file, on the web. For even the most common name, there won’t be but a few doc`s…then it`s just a matter of running through the list until you find the right person.

  2. And even if the doc moved states, they commonly maintain licensure in the previous states in which they have practiced medicine…so start with the state listed within Whois.

  3. Unfortunately, it appears that the domain name forwarded to another website back in early 2000s. The other website has the same contact info (or lack thereof).

    Going to see if I can find it some other way – perhaps using what m said above.

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