Fun with Frankenwords

I still buy freshly registered domain names, and two such names I picked up over the weekend are and   What are frankenwords, you ask? According to, a frankenword is “a word formed by combining two (or more) other words.

After registering these domain names, I’ve been thinking of some of my favorite frankenwords, many of which are either vulgar, rude, and/or inappropriate), and thought it’s pretty fun to think of these words and meanings. A few common ones I’ve seen used include ginormous (gigantic+enormous), Brangelina (Brad+Angelina), chillax (chill+relax), manscape (man+landscape), inbredneck (inbred+redneck) and others.

If I had additional time, I’d consider creating a type of website where people add their favorite frankenwords and share them with friends.

So, what are your favorite frankenwords?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Well…. “frankenword” is itself a portmanteau, which is the usual term for two words that are combined to make a new one. So, I suppose it’s only fitting that the word “portmanteau” is being eclipsed by an actual portmanteau. The way the Frankenstein monster destroyed its creator….

    I could go on, but i don’t want to sound like an old Scrooge (a name created by blending “screw” and “gouge.”

  2. *


    Nicotine + martini (or any other alcohol), invented by a Florida bartender who wanted to figure a way to keep smokers from going outside–after smoking was banned in Florida, even in bars.

    Incredibly ingenius concoction (although, as a nonsmoker, I suspect it is most foul in taste).

    And, yes, I own the domain, just because I love the name.


  3. Well, I like Frankenwords like:

    Daycation/s, Freemium (Free Premium; a direct marketing class of products), Cruisesurance & RVsurance (ala’ SafeCo’s “Teensurance”), Godvertise, and Hollywork (Hollywood work/jobs) … but then again, I may just slightly biased. 😉

  4. Not only there is a name for this practice but also soon a specialized marketplace.
    I just registered FrankenDomains(s).com
    I will develop it at the same time I will setup the DomainHack(s).com site.

    Thanks Elliot for the nice found.

  5. Elliadvice = “Reading Elliotsblog and following his advice”
    Ellioxford = “archiving great Elliotblog articles”
    Ellibots = “little bots that sit on your computer and warn you when you’re about to buy a worthless domain”
    Ellictricity = when you’re lucky enough to buy a geo domain that has some value, and Elliot acknowledges it on his blog
    Elliottography = Getting an genuine post/comment to an article on your own blog from Elliot (El-Silver), considered one of the rarest occurrences in history.

    I would write many more “elliotisms”, but someone tossed a rock through my window just now, with a note attached. The note said:

    “Keep it up, Buckethead, and you’ll be “ell-iminated”. Yipes!

  6. I couldnt have said it any better then Bill above

    i like these names. a few .coms i have are

    Instalicious = “instantly delicious”
    Meximan = “mexican man”
    Kississippi = “kiss mississippi”

    @Francois sweet!

  7. Very cool topic! I like some of the frankenwords here.

    A few of my favs:


    I’m especially partial to these:


  8. How about the increasing importance of your personal and/or business web reputation … or simply your Webutation(s)!

    From Wikipedia:
    Webutation is a made-up word from ‘web’ and ‘reputation’. It describes the website or person’s reputation on the internet.

  9. @ Ms Domainer:


    Is that a dotcom? If so, that’s the best combo domain for “franken” words in this thread.

    To wit –

    *Pulling up to the bar, two domainers are ready to get hammered. One is a smoker, and he orders:

    “Yo Mac, set me up with a double Nicotini”.

    *The other domainer looks at his friend, and quizically asks “Nicotini”?”*

    *The first domainer replies “get your nicky fit on, bro!”*

    The bartender serves up the drink to the first domainer, winks, and the domainer gulps it down. Then after after a few more Nicotinis, the domainers leave. That night, the first domainer ordering the multiple Nicotinis goes online and buys $1.5 million in domains from six different domain site auctions. Nobody else was bidding, and the Nicotini drinker walks away with $6mil in domain values…

    The lesson learned:

    “NICOTINI! If you can drink it, you can think it.:
    “Don’t be teeny, drink a Nicotini!”

    Love it…


    I found this nice domain in my portfolio while doing a quick scroll through my domain portfolio database. It’s kinda cool for a company that provides advertising online..yes?

    (sorry El)

  11. @ Stephen, great post about Elliot Silver! LOL! You’re the bomb, too!

    Just occurred to me the business name I invented is a frankenword! !!!

    It’s the IP my new domains point to, like, linked to, above.

    The Joy of –ext <== Article by lexicographer notes more "exting" frankenwords:

    wexting – walking while texting
    drexting – texting while drunk
    vexting – sending intentionally upsetting text messages


  12. *

    Stephen Douglas,

    Yes, Nicotini is a dotcom name.

    I’m a nonsmoker, but I think it could become a real product, great for both smokers and nonsmokers because then the main complaint of secondhand smoke would go up in smoke (so to speak). The health issue is unclear, but I’m all for freedom to use legal drug of choice (mine is caffeine).

    The word is listed in Wordspy, a great resource, btw (not mine).

    Frankenword is a winner for sure, certainly due to become part of the standard lexicon.

    Great acquisition, Elliot.



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