For Extra Security at Enom, Use Account Validation


While logging into my account the other day at Enom, I noticed that they had an option to enable “Account Validation.” This is an extra layer of security that asks you questions just about every time you log in to your account, to verify that you are the account holder.

When you enable Account Validation, you’re taken to a screen where you must choose four questions to answer out of a large group of questions. There are choices about your first pet, first car, teachers, schools favorite vacation spot…etc. You must select and then answer four of the questions, which will be used to validate your credentials on future log in attempts.

After this is enabled, when you log in, it will randomly display two questions to answer. You can choose an option to not display the questions on future log ins, although I check the box every time and I still get asked the questions. Perhaps it’s a cookie setting on my computer that is causing this.

One thing I like is that the answers don’t auto populate when I begin typing, which would seemingly give away the answers. When I log in to my Paypal account without my security key, it asks me two questions, and as soon as I type the first correct letter, my full answer appears. With Enom, this doesn’t happen, making it more secure.

I recommend adding Account Validation to your account.

I recommend that you enable Account Validation at Enom when you have a chance.

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  1. Over the last six weeks or so I have received a barrage of attempts to obtain access to my email or Paypal accounts. Finally after another brazen attempt yesterday where the thief sent a message supposedly from AT&T’s account verification centre, I decided to implement a security feature I was aware existed at Godaddy but had not yet implemented before. The feature requires one’s Godaddy rep to contact the registrant and get phone approval for transfers out of one’s account. Yes, it means sales will require one more step but the other 99%+ of my domains which aren’t selling that month will be safe.

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