Enom Domain Name Transfer and Registration Tips


EnomPerhaps it’s just me, but I’ve had a few minor issues with settings on domain registrations and transfers at Enom. These issues are all correctible, and I’ve learned how to fix them by setting up some defaults and making certain selections at the time of the transaction that I want to share with you.

On new domain name registrations, make sure you uncheck the boxes of the TLDs you don’t want. It’s easy enough to remove them from the cart on the next page, but instead of accidentally registering them, you might as well just uncheck the box at first.

When doing bulk registrations, make sure you check off the box for auto renewal and domain locking. Unless you have it as an account default, your name will not auto renew, which is fine if that’s what you want, but it’s an extra step you’ll need to take in about 11 months.

For your domain transfers to Enom, on the start a transfer page, be sure to click the ” Modify Domain transfer Settings” link below the transfer box. On this page, you can lock the domain name, set it to auto renew, and most importantly (for me anyway), uncheck the “Transfer current domain WHOIS contact information” box. By unchecking, the transfered domain names will take your Whois information from your Enom account rather than from where it was transferred.

When you do an account change to push the domain name to another Enom account, you should consider not pushing the contact information with the domain name, especially if you are using escrow. If you push the contact info with the domain name, your information will be retained. If a third party escrow service does a Whois search, your name will still show up, making the push less visible. If you happen to have a dishonest buyer, it could theoretically be more difficult to confirm that you pushed the domain name. One advantage to pushing the contact info is that if you push it to the incorrect account, you may have an easier time retrieving it (although Enom says pushes are final).

You’ll probably want to set up some defaults within your account to save you time. I have set up default DNS nameservers so that new registrations automatically resolve to the parking company of my choice. I’ve also set my registrations to auto-renew and auto lock.

Most of these things are fairly obvious, but if you are trying to do something quickly, you could easily forget about these things and create more work for you (or your account rep, Bari!)


  1. I’ve noticed that during every transfer from Enom to GoDaddy, the contact info gets screwed up. Sometimes the e-mail even goes missing. Always check domain contact info after transfers.

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