“Embarrassing” and “Inappropriate” Domain Name in Auction


Every now and again, various websites produce lists of “embarrassing” or “inappropriate” domain names that are used by companies. These domain names typically have an embarrassing, humorous, or off-color meaning when words are mashed  together in a domain name format.

This morning, I was looking through a list of domain names coming up for auction on GoDaddy when a domain name stood out: molestationnursery.com. Why the heck would someone ever think this domain name was a good idea?! Making it even more interesting is that the domain name was created back in 1999 and has been renewed for all of these years! Further, why would anyone bid on a domain name like this at auction?!

I thought about it for a second and remembered seeing this domain name on a few lists of embarrassing and accidentally inappropriate domain names. According to Snopes.com, The Mole Station Native Nursery in New South Wales, Australia, opted for a domain name that unfortunately carries connotations of being a breeding ground for pedophiles: molestationnursery.com.”

According to Bored Panda’s  “30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names” article, the company later began forwarding the domain name to MoleRiverNursery.com. Perhaps this name change was due to the negative publicity the company received about the domain name.

In any case, it appears the former registrant of the domain name did not renew the domain name, and it is now in auction at GoDaddy. The auction ends in a few hours. I assume there is at least one  bidder on this domain name because of its history and backlink profile. I would not be surprised to see it sell for quite a bit, given its history. Personally, this  is not a domain name I would want to own, especially because the backstory disappears with a new owner and it just looks bad.

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