Elliot Silver

Elliot J. SilverElliot J. Silver is an expert in the specialized business of domain name investing. He is also the Publisher of DomainInvesting.com, an award winning domain name industry publication.

Elliot is the founder of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a domain name investment and monetization company. The company owns a portfolio of descriptive domain names and websites, including Embrace.com, Travels.com, Lilac.com, Butterscotch.com, NLC.com, Millions.com, and other valuable domain assets. The company has sold millions of dollars worth of domain names such as 887.com, Accurate.com, Arrangements.com, Circulation.com, SHS.com, and many others.

Elliot and DomainInvesting.com have received several industry awards, including a Name Intelligence Award, TRAFFIC Award, and Domain Industry Award. DomainInvesting.com and Elliot have also been cited in mainstream news and technology publications such as the Boston Globe, NY Post, Forbes, ABC News, LA Times, The Guardian, and TechCrunch.

Prior to his involvement in the domain name industry, Elliot worked as a Project Manager and was on the new business development team at Wunderman, one of the largest direct marketing agencies in the world. Later, Elliot worked as a Program Manager at AIG, where his focus was direct mail and telemarketing campaign management in the Accident & Health division.

Elliot is originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, and he currently resides with his family in a suburb of Boston. Elliot is a graduate of Muhlenberg College (BA) in Allentown, Pennsylvania and New York University (MS in Direct & Interactive Marketing).

Since 2014, Elliot has participated in the Pan-Mass Challenge, helping to raise funds (over $60,000 to date) and awareness for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Elliot is an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan, and he enjoys playing tennis, skiing, and blackjack.

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