Dynadot Holding $2,500 College Scholarship Contest


DynadotI bet there are many high school-aged people who invest in domain names. Many are probably planning to go to college, and we all know that can be expensive. Dynadot is offering a $2,500 college scholarship, and I want to share information about it with you in case you’re interested or know someone who might have an interest.

Seniors in high school or college-enrolled students majoring or planning to majoring in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing/Communications, or a related degree are invited to apply. For high school seniors, the winner must be planning to enter college next fall.

Here’s what’s needed to apply for the $2,500 scholarship:

Write a blog post about one of the following topics:

  • The importance of having an online presence and how youth can get more involved.
  • Your internet story. How did you get started on the web and how far have you come?
  • Have your own idea on what you would like to write about (web related)? Email Dynadot for approval at marketing@dynadot.com.

After posting the article, copy the special Dynadot banner code on the contest website, and paste it above or below your post. You’ll also need to fill out an application, which can be found on the contest webpage.

Five submissions will be chosen by Dynadot, and the company will feature them on its website. Visitors to the site can vote for a winner, and the top vote recipient will be chosen the winner.

The submission deadline is June 30, 2013, so you’ll want to get started soon. Check out the Dynadot website for full details.


  1. Great article.

    My daughter will be going to Boston University in the Fall.

    I helped her develop her name .com for her baking business.

    I’ll tell her about the scholarship.

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