Domain Sherpa Ups the Fundraising Ante!


DomainSherpa.comYesterday afternoon I wrote about BigJumbo’s special offer to donate $5.00 to my wife’s and my fundraising effort for the Ronald McDonald House for every person to “Like” its Facebook page, up to $500. The starting point was 139 fans, and we’re now at 174 fans.

This was very cool of them to do, and I have even better news to report about this today.

Domain Sherpa has offered to match the funds that BigJumbo donates. If 100 domain investors visit the BigJumbo Facebook page and click the big “Like” button on top, Ronald McDonald House will receive $1,000 in total from these two companies. It’s a pretty awesome gesture on the part of Domain Sherpa, and it’s greatly appreciated by me and the Ronald McDonald House.

The great news is that Karen and I reached our $5,000 fundraising goal. This $5,000 number was arbitrary, and every dollar will be beneficial to the Ronald McDonald House.


  1. Congrats, it was a cool way to get there with the $8 donation in place of a domain reg. I think the industry can do more of this and raise the overall industry profile.

    Good job Elliot

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