Domain Investor Scott Neuman Running for Congress

Scott Neuman is a domain investor, and he is running for the US House of Representatives in the 4th Congressional District of New Jersey. The general election will be held in November 4, 2014. Neuman is running on the Democratic-Republican Party ticket, and he is running against the Incumbent, Chris Smith (Republican Party) and Ruben Scolavino (Democratic Party).

Mr. Neuman’s campaign was covered in an article yesterday, and you can read more about Neuman’s platform and his plans if elected in that interview. I asked Neuman why he is running for Congress, and here’s what he told me:

“In NJ, the 4th CD, there are only two party candidates running. I’m the only one that can claim he isn’t paid to run. When Congressmen have millions of dollars on hand to run for Congress for a job that only pays $175K per year, you have to ask yourself, why? Corruption of our political process is the answer. By example, in NJ, we’ve watched the Christie Administration violate law after law after law. All designed to protect the taxpayers from corrruption. It’s an Attorney General club in NJ and those are the worst of the worst it seems.

Myself and a large group of supporters in NJ called are just feed up with our high taxes, pensions that politicians are using to milk the system and Bond issues that are designed to milk the taxpayer and we are running to remove corrupt politicians and their backers from the landscape so regular people can feel like their wallets, their rights and their protections aren’t being removed just because someone with millions of dollars can corrupt the system.”

To my knowledge, there aren’t any other domain name investors who are members of Congress. I don’t recall reading about others who have run for office either. Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita is a friend of domain investor Chad Folkening, and he met with domain investors at a TRAFFIC conference in Florida several years ago (along with former Congressman Cliff Stearns).

I am not a politically active person, nor do I have an interest in discussing politics, but I think this is interesting to follow. If you have any questions for Neuman, he can be reached by emailing sneuman “at”

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Scott’s website is missing an “about” page or at least I can’t find it. Nothing on it about him or why he is qualified to run for congress. That’s kind of a non-starter as far as trying to gather support and momentum.

    • Larry, Google me and watch me come up 10,000 times. As for what my qualifications are to run for Congress. Simply, the Bill of Right and the Constitution say I’m qualified. Now it’s just a matter of keeping my word and following the laws of our country. Something our current elected officials just aren’t in NJ. There is a reason it’s called the Soprano state. I’m not part of the problem. I’m part of the solution.

    • From Scott’s site:

      “Veterans: Anything they want or need is a done deal in my book. You have my voice in Congress.”

      Um…ok…no thanks dude. Way to extreme for me. What you should have said is: “Veterans: Anything they want or need that is Constitutionally Legal, I will support.”

      Typical domainer; all blather, little substance.

    • I disagree completely. I’m seeing plenty of substance, whether I agree with every position or not. What I’m also seeing with a statement like yours is something that reminds me of people who refuse to contextualize in good faith and engage in honest conversation that allows a minimum of respect for the other person, seizing hyper-literally on any statement they can which does not contain qualifying remarks and disclaimers in triplicate to cover every possible bit of argument. Such people are usually either extremely dishonest and disingenuous in my experience, or simply extremely mistaken and misguided, possibly even suffering from a condition that may at least mitigate or excuse any moral culpability in the matter, such as Asperger’s or something.

      So then, a reasonable person assessing and discussing with integrity, good faith, and sound normal judgment would infer that this fellow is obviously intelligent enough so that “Constitutionally Legal” and every other possible disclaiming and qualifying phrase you can imagine is understood to be implicit or even parenthetical in his remarks.

  2. A moderate is a guy who refuse to take a stand on a position they strongly believe in for fear of losing votes, Always taking the middle ground just so they can get elected and become another career politician.. Domainer or no Domainer, New Jersey deserves better.

    • Raider, I’m the better of all choices and I take a stand on many things. shows all my positions with other members of my party. 755,000 people in my district and no one wants the job because no one believes a change can happen that benefits the people of NJ. I do and I have support in that matter. My primary goal is to removing gerrymandering and have the Congressional Apportionment Amendment presented to Congress as ratified. 99.9% of people have no clue that there are 12 amendments to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights and as of 2011, all are ratified or found ratified. The CAA still needs to be presented to Congress to become our 28th amendment. The President, VP and House of Representatives Boehner have declined to stand for this amendment. I don’t blame it. It dilutes the power of the President and gives better representation and kills Gerrymandering. This amendment is death to both parties and opens the door for true independents. Amazing you never heard of this amendment, isn’t it? Feel free to PM me at with anything specific. Be happy to answer it.

    • “ shows all my positions with other members of my party.”

      “ALL” of your positions? where do I find your position on Abortion? Gun Control? Cap and Trade? Global Warming? the National Debt?, Immigration reform? these are issues that effect us the most and you don’t utter a word… Like I said, you don’t address any of these because you know their lightning rods that will turn off voters, All I see are soft issues that only a minority of voters care about.. Your the typical Moderate who’s too cowardice to let his positions known, it’s only AFTER you get elected that we find out…

      “no one believes a change can happen that benefits the people of NJ”

      NJ is no different than most states operating in the RED, and we can thank another MODERATE, Democrat Governor Chris Christie who pretends to be a Republican, who under his liberal leadership had NJ’s credit rating downgraded 5 times.

      What NJ needs is a TRUE Conservative who will push for major reform and reducing the size and scope of Government, It’s already been done by many of the States under the leadership of Republican Governors, most of which have a budjet surplus… From what I gather about you, your a tax and spender, no different than most Democrats.. If the people of NJ want real fiscal change, they wont be getting it from you.

  3. I just skimmed a little of the article about him. Not trying to be funny, but with the way people are these days he could be in serious trouble if he doesn’t make a quick cosmetic dentistry appointment to get some fast as possible teeth-whitening treatments. I’ve also seen stuff online to indicate that some of the over the counter products may work rapidly as well. Those teeth really jump put at you as being noticeably very pigment-challenged. I would want him to stand or fall on the merits, not on people’s obsession with vanity and image.

    I won’t go into everything I favor or do not favor about his various positions, but I will say it’s great to see he’s concerned about the fracking issue. Remember I only just skimmed a portion there, but he definitely appears to take a stand and hold position on various issues, contrary to Raider’s suggestion about “moderates” above.

    By the way, welcome to the land of opportunity, where you can have any flavor you like, as long as it’s only blueberry or cherry. πŸ˜‰

  4. Well this thread has gotten even more interesting. First time I’ve ever heard of this item Scott Neuman mentioned here above:

    I certainly favor a more inclusive political process that “opens the door for true independents.” Isn’t that really the American way, or rather what it was and is supposed to be?

    If no one really wants the job, then maybe Scott will win. Seems like that’s how some other elections have been won initially. This could get really interesting if he actually wins.

    As long as he doesn’t do the same old thing others do afterward that would be nice.

    “We’re gonna right the wrongs and roll back the abuses of the ones we’ve just defeated…[pause, conference]…Correction: we’re gonna show them we can grab even more power and do more of the same thing than they ever dared dream!” Yes, we don’t want that.

    (Welcome to the land of the free, where you can have any flavor you like, as long as it’s only blueberry or cherry. πŸ˜‰ )

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