Daily Poll: Will the “Chip” Market Make a Comeback?


Giuseppe Graziano published his market report this week, and it wasn’t great news for Chinese Premium “Chip” domain names. Ray Hackney wrote about this yesterday.

I own a couple domain names that would be considered “Chips,” but I also think they are good for Western buyers as well. I don’t closely follow this market, so I wouldn’t speculate about its health or potential for future revitalization. I would be interested in knowing whether readers think the Chip market is primed for a comeback or if it will continue to fall. You are welcome to share additional thoughts in the comment section if you would like:

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  1. This was just Chinese pumping, and dumping against their communist government. It was a simple supply, and demand formula. Then came crypto, and now?

    They just keep moving, and invading.

  2. Domains as a commodity never made any sense to me.

    Each domain is unique, to treat it as one would a share in a company or an interchangeable asset like gold is illogical.

    The closest you can get to an asset class viz domains is probably art. Even the property analogy doesn’t work.

  3. There are 160,000 chips, thus there is a very big supply. Unless the letters are commonly used in the USA/Canada/England etc., I don’t think they will ever reach their old highs.
    In similar fashion that the 2 number with 1 letter and 2 letter with 1 number domains have held their own value wise, I think perhaps 3 number with 1 letter “chip” domains (not having a vowel, v, 0 or 4) will go up in value as there are only around 10,000 of those and a lot are already developed in China.

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