Daily Poll: What’s a Better Domain Name: Sleeping.com or Snoring.com?


Yesterday morning, Rob Jackson started the week off on a great note by reporting on Kate Buckley’s $1 million + brokered deal for Sleeping.com and Snoring.com. These two domain names were sold as a package valued at $1,004,450, so each domain name sale is reported at $502,225. These domain names will each rank in the top 10 public domain name sales of 2018 to date. Kudos to Kate Buckley for putting this great deal together.

For today’s daily poll, I want to know which domain name you think is more valuable – Sleeping.com or Snoring.com:


  1. I think most people would choose sleeping, because it is a more common word to them… But I don’t see the huge value in it, where as the domain Sleep would be GREAT.

    Snoring works perfectly ending in “ing” for a product to solve the problem. I think end users would prefer to buy their snoring relief product from Snoring than Snore. Snore would be more applicable to “boring” in my mind.

    So in summary – if I could own either – I would go against the grain and definitely choose Snoring.

  2. A million dollars for those domains? Kate is broker of the year after that sale. Sleeping by far is the better domain. Imagine everything that can be sold on that domain. Mattresses, pillows, bedding, and on and on. I guess you could sell Zyppah on Snoring.com. LOL

    • To fix snoring a medical procedure is needed. Studies need to be done.

      I guess Medical/Medicine/Surgery is a nothing business reading your analysis

      Sleep Apnea and snoring go together IMHO is a huge a market.


      There is this website tool called google you type words into it and it gives you ads and some links to follow for answers.

      Type in each word and see what one gives you ADVERTISING …

      For me it was snoring

    • I was kidding about the Zyppah thing. Of course snoring is a huge market but sleep related products is a multibillion dollar market. You can sell actual products on Sleeping.com. How many products can you sell on Snoring.com?

    • I can imagine a lot of products for Snoring. For Sleep I can imagine lots of products. Once I am sleeping, I don’t care about any products. 🙂

  3. Sleeping.com has more opportunity as far as applications. Snoring.com is focused on one thing…snoring. The argument could be made that Snoring.com has other opportunities as well, and to some degree that’s true, but it does not have as many opportunities as Sleeping.com. However, like Lemonade.com and Elephant.com the name may have no implications to the actual content of the website or business.

  4. SNORING.com has the most commercial value for many reasons.

    Sleeping.com is a great name but Sleep.com is the BEST. Looks like MattressFirm was smart to acquire Sleep.com….
    Nonetheless Snoring.com and Sleeping.com are assets that will appreciate in value.

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