Daily Poll: How Many Domain Registrars Do You Use?


I like keeping things simple. One way I do this is to limit the number of domain registrars I use on a regular basis. It makes domain name management more simple. It also helps with pricing. I am sure a person with 1,000 names at a registrar gets better pricing and priority customer service than someone who may have 1,000 total domain names spread out at 6 registrars.

I understand that people may have domain names at several registrars due to domain auctions, but I am curious about how many registrars you actually use. For example, at a few registrars where I have names, I transfer them out to a preferred registrar prior to renewal in order to consolidate my holdings. It’s not that I don’t like some registrars, but I prefer to keep my names at a handful of registrars for pricing, customer service, and security.

How many registrars do you actually use?

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  1. I would love to have them all at one registrar. But as you point out, because of auction wins, that is almost impossible.

    Also, those of us that invest in ccTLDs often need to use specialty registrars.

    Having said that, I have managed to reduce the number of registrars I use from around 20 to 8, and 80 percent of my names are now at NameSilo.

    • Shout out to enom for having a horrific outdated interface, which will not even alllow you to renew gtlds because it cannot get the price right.

      Many bugs, and 5 dsy transfer out hold without override is so 2005.

      I can’t move them out fast enough. Shame

    • @CaseyL – Agree on the “horror” at eNom, but you can renew the premium priced gTLDs by clicking on the “Add years” button, as opposed to adding them to your cart. That, however, won’t work if these domains are already expired, and you’d have to open a ticket.

  2. I keep all my domains at 1&1, NetworkSolutions and Domain.com

    Seriously, I don’t have time and money to loose on managing my domains.

    Name.com Dynadot and Uniregistry for me!

  3. “I would love to have them all at one registrar. But as you point out, because of auction wins, that is almost impossible.”

    Why? Simply wait 60 days and then transfer them to your consolidation registrar. It’s not impossible — it’s easy peasy.

  4. Said it before: anyone who hasn’t tried Epik yet is nuts. Anyone who doesn’t make Epik one of their main if not their main registrar is also nuts.

    Noticed Konstantinos of OnlineDomain.com recently did make Epik his main registrar.

    I’ve made this post on my own initiative with no incentive at all and am just another customer.

    And speaking of “shout out,” I’m sorry and hate to say it, but I have always felt the user interface at Namecheap is unbearable. It was unbearable before the redesign, and the redesign didn’t help. That’s the only unpleasantness I’ll mention about any of them now, but of course could say a bit more.

  5. I have moved about 1,400 names to Uniregistry, which is about two thirds of my inventory, because their support and brokerage teams are excellent. I’m finding their broker assisted sales machine with BIN pricing is highly successful.

    A sale closing this week (Escrow has the money) is my fourth or fifth for the year at Uniregistry Market, and the average sale price would be about $4,000 or so. No doubts in my mind that the broker commissions are worth every cent and BINs are the way to go because of the superior sales velocity.

  6. Consolidate all 1200+ domains at GoDaddy. Transfer from Register, NetSol, Enom and others ASAP after auction lock is gone.

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