Daily Poll: Do You Own Pure .com Geodomains?

I have owned quite a few geographic domain names. I have sold many of them over the years, and I still have several.

I buy good .com geodomain names when I see them for sale at fair prices, and they are generally acquired as investments rather than for a development opportunity. I am not opposed to developing geographic domain names, but I have sold the names I previously developed (with the exception of LakeWinnipesaukee.com), and I don’t really have the desire to build out any new websites right now or in the foreseeable future.

For the sake of this poll, when I refer to “pure .com geodomains” I mean exact match city, state, province, region, lake, country…etc. .com domain names (not citystate.com domain names though). I don’t mean geo+keyword domain names nor do I mean something like citystate.com. I would imagine the vast majority of investors own domain names like geo+keyword or citystate.com. There’s nothing wrong with these kinds of domain names, but I am interested in seeing how many people own exact match geographic .com domain names. Examples could be Boston.com, GrandCanyon.com, Quebec.com, ColoradoRiver.com…etc.

Participate in the poll below and feel free to share your favorite pure .com geodomain name if you would like.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • Is “south Chile” really a place? I understand there is a north, south, east, and west part of Chile and every region, but I have never heard of “south Chile” before.

      BTW, one way to tell is whether you would need to capitalize the first letter of the word “south.”

  1. You asked for examples like Boston.com, GrandCanyon.com, Quebec.com, ColoradoRiver.com, etc and got names like SouthChile.com and South-City.com. SMH

  2. I have the ‘pure’ city name for the city that I live in. Does that count as pure geo? It’s like city dot com. Only issue I’ve run into is that I can’t buy the .com (have all the other TLDs), as a bank owns the .com and uses it for their site.

    If a city ends in “city”, as in New York City? Would the .city (as in newyork.city) be a pure geo?

  3. I own a few pure “small” cities in my living area and state; special fun in owning them.

    I sometimes mention “owning” their town, when talking to someone from that specific town. (The population is small 2,000-20,000.)

    I also own cities and regions in the USA and around the world. A few European cities. All on the smaller side, no major ones.

    I feel bad about owning these names and not developing them. But, you gotta do them right and thats not me.

  4. I think pure geo’s are great investments. They are difficult to develop, though and much better suited for branding. I like pure cities, counties and places of interest.

    Okay, now a question. Which is better? The proper spelling with hyphen of Winston-Salem.com or the domainer preference without the dash of WinstonSalem.com. Wilkes-Barre, PA being another one of these.

  5. I own a few geo domains some are areas in city my hometown. We also own That along with other towns near.
    1. Glasgow.com, Glasgow Scotland Biggest City pop 599,650
    2. EastKilbride.com East Kilbride Scotland 6 biggest pop 74,740
    3. Cumbernauld.com Cumbernauld Scotland 10th Biggest pop 51,610
    4. Greenock.com Greenock Scotland 17th Biggest pop 43,690
    5. Largs.com Largs another major town in Scotland
    6. Helensburgh.com Another rcoast town in Scotland
    7. Dunoon.com another seaside town in Scotland
    8. Saltcoats.com Saltcoats anther seaside town.
    9. Kingussie.com Kingussie small town in highlands.
    10. JohnOgroats.com John O Groats major tourist area Scotland

    WE haveother thats just Scotland sort ones all.com have few .co.uk

  6. AstoriaHeights.com

  7. Hi Elliott, I’m a great fan of geos and loved your posts covering geodomains in the past. Unfortunately it looks like your interest in the topic has declined in the last few years, at least judging from the frequency of your posts.
    If I may ask, what’s the reason and would you consider covering them again?


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