Sells for $43,000 on GoDaddy Auctions

4 recently expired, and the auction for the domain name at GoDaddy Auctions concluded early this afternoon. The domain name sold for $43,000. There were a total of 164 bids were placed by 23 bidders during the course of the auction. A couple of weeks ago, Peter Askew mention this domain auction in a tweet, which is what drew my attention to the domain name:

According to historical Whois records at DomainTools, had been owned by Quinstreet Inc. prior to its expiry. QuinStreet has owned since at least 2009. Quinstreet Inc. is a publicly traded company that trades on the NASDAQ market under the QNST ticker symbol. The company has a market cap of just over $500 million.

It is unclear to me why Quin Street decided to not renew this domain name. If the company did not have any interest in keeping the domain name, it is a bit peculiar that it did not opt to privately sell the domain name prior to expiry. I am sure the company received many inquiries and offers to buy the domain name after it expired. is a valuable domain name, and it will be interesting to see who acquired it and how it will be used.

Thanks to Sean Markey for sharing the screenshot with me.


  1. I have been buying at GD expired auctions for about 15 years. The prices used to be midrange from wholesale to retail. Then they went to full retail. Now, almost all decent names are gong for far beyond retail. I don’t see how you can pay 200% or 400% of retail and expect to make money. In the last 6 months I am outbid by super deep and super dumb pockets. Mind blowing. Especially since anything less than Tier one is not selling.

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