Can CrunchBase Help You Find a Buyer for Your Domain Name?


I’ll start this post off with a caveat. I have a couple of CrunchBase listings for my companies, and I hate it when I receive the exact same email from people who are using CrunchBase to send out emails that are not even remotely of interest to me.

That being said, I could see how CrunchBase could help domain investors find buyers of premium, relevant domain names. One reason for this is that the listings share information about the company. You can also see how much funding was raised, who invested, and when the company was created. There is a considerable amount of insight you can glean from CB listings.

Here’s how you might be able to find someone that would want your exceptional domain name:

  • Search the tags section for your domain name’s keywords
  • Read about what the company offers, and see if it would make sense for them to buy your domain name
  • Visit the company’s website and make contact with the potential buyer

I strongly urge you to make sure you are only pitching good and  relevant  domain names to these buyers. Don’t email everyone on the list simply because they used the tag that you searched. You must make sure they are a  pre qualified  potential buyer. You’ll want to make sure they are still in business and look to be active in that space.

Just like you use Google or even LinkedIn to find a buyer for a domain name, you need to use discretion with whom you email. Domain names for sale that are sent to  relevant  buyers may help produce a sale. Be sure to be professional with your email and get to the point. I strongly recommend not using this method en masse or with crappy domain names.

I haven’t used this method yet, but I think it could be a good way to find companies in the vertical you are trying to reach to sell a domain name.

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