Barack Obama Using Boliva ccTLD, Mitt Romney Using Trinidad & Tobago ccTLD


If you follow US politics and the upcoming presidential election, you likely follow President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney on Twitter. To make the most use of the limited space on Twitter, most people use url shorteners, the Twitter default being T.CO.

One of the most popular url shorteners is Bitly, which is found at Bit.LY, with .LY being the ccTLD for the country of Libya. Both President Obama and Governor Romney previously used Bitly to shorten their urls. It appears that both candidates have come to the same conclusion with respect to using Libya’s ccTLD for their shortening, and they are both using unique ccTLD shorteners.

President Obama appears to prefer to use OFA.BO for his shortening, and Governor Romney appears to prefer Mi.TT. The .BO domain name is a ccTLD for the country of Bolivia, and the .TT domain name is the ccTLD for the country of Trinidad & Tobago.

Mi.TT appears to be registered to someone from Targeted Victory, a  interactive advertising agency that appears to support Governor Romney’s presidential campaign. OFA.BO appears to be registered to the Democratic Party.

It’s neat to see the candidates using these ccTLD domain names so prominently.


  1. Romney is a rich pariah who simply can’t identify with ANY average American through his fog of lies, binders full of women and network of havened money. Smug comments only exemplify his elitism and show how out of touch he is. It’s time we tell Mitt he can’t buy this election! Read about the role of his money and his Magic Mormon Underwear are playing in the polls at

  2. Good find. I wonder if either party will apply for a gtld like .dnc or .rnc. I don’t recall seeing those on the gtld list, but that was more than 24 hours ago. : )

  3. I am truly amazed how strong the link between .com and an average internet user who is an American, is. Across Europe we almost forgot about .com in favor of ccTLDs. .De, .Nl,, .Ru rule
    Americans can not even distinguish .com from .co (the Overstock case). How come?

    • www. or www. might be understandable for programmers but in the domain buying and selling business in the future, I believe, when the mainstream catches on— ‘understandable’ domain names will be needed…..unless apps totally take over and then everyone will begin scanning fake and fraudulent little b& w mazes into their devices because no one will be able to distinguish the authentic ones from the phony, fake ones……

  4. In terms of “Presidential Domains” I’m kind of hedging my bets.


    MADAMVICEPRESIDENT.COM if Barack wins and switches out Hillary for Joe Biden.

    (note the “my current Vice President” reference in the last debate.)

  5. You guys professional domainers are useless. You always say that there are still tons of good names available for registration and if someone registers a few domains your only advise is:
    “I think there is a reason why those domain names were available to register, and it’s probably because they don’t make sense”
    Thanks for your “help”

    • LOL… I don’t think there are “tons” of good names available to register by hand. I barely hand register names. Maybe 5 a month tops. I buy names in the aftermarket almost exclusively.

      “You guys professional domainers are useless.”

      Useless in what way? Would you expect professional golfers to help you with your golf game? People seem to expect to have things handed to them and when they don’t get that, they complain. Sorry, I am a professional domain investor that offers free advice and insight on my blog. If you don’t like what I am saying, go elsewhere.

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