Associated Cities’ GeoDomain Expo Tickets on Sale


Tickets for Associated Cities’ 2009 GeoDomain Expo, scheduled for April 23-25 in San Diego, California, are now on sale, and the early bird registration fee through March 15 is just $595/person.Registration after March 15 is $695, and registration on site is $995.

I believe this is the best conference for people who own geographic domain names and/or geographic websites.   Last year’s conference was held in Chicago, and I found it to be a great learning experience.   Most of the successful geodomain owners are engaging individuals who seem happy to share advice and tips with others.

There is much more networking and sharing of information than other conferences, and the price of attendance is less than just about all other domain conferences.   If you own a geodomain, this is a conference you should attend.


  1. Elliot…I noticed no mention at GeoExpo2009 or Moniker about an auction.

    Any word on who will be running it or if there is going to be one at all?

    Peeps always complain of not enough lead time to alert end users about auctions…this may be another.


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