Apple Unveils Upgraded “Recession Macs”


Choosing to buy a Mac instead of another PC was a difficult decision.   However, it was a decision I am thankful to have made because I love my Macbook.   In fact, I am working on MacBook #3 at the moment.   I am also thinking about buying a new MacBook because the one I have has been running a bit slow due to the additional software I’ve added on over the last year and a half.

Today, Apple updated and upgraded their consumer lineup of computers, including laptops and desktops. The price of a new MacBook Pro (using the Intel’s “Nehalem” Xeon processors) was dropped from $2,799 to $2,400 – a little over 10% off.   In addition, Apple also updated its iMac and Mac mini desktops.

If you are looking to update or upgrade, now might be a good time to buy a “Recession Mac.”


  1. Interesting that you went to a Mac. I have a big HP laptop with a second screen that I use as my main screen.

    I said that my next computer will be a Mac because I certainly don’t want Vista.

    Guess what, turns out my next computer (I bought it last week) was an Acer Netbook.

    Great tiny little thing. Crappy memory but runs Windows XP and great for taking on trips and having a tiny computer that roams around the house with wife and daughters and built in wifi.

    So, FYI, have a look at tiny netbooks. They are about $300.

    • @ Rob… I don’t like tiny computers. They might be ultra portable, but you can’t really get a great look at a developed website in its optimal size as others would see it.

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