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Translate.comAnthos Chrysanthou is a successful domain investor whose company, Emerge Media, owns a number of excellent domain names. This morning on The Next Web, there was an article posted about, a domain name Emerge Media acquired about a year ago and is now operating as a language translation website.

The article covers the release of the website’s iOS and Android apps, but I thought the most interesting aspect was that since the acquisition a year ago, “Emerge Media has since grown the site five fold to over 2 million users.” That’s a solid growth rate.

I didn’t see any reports about the sale of the domain name, so this is most likely one of those undisclosed domain sales that is frequently cited. It appears that Emerge Media acquired the domain name in November of 2012 from a company called ENLASO Corporation.

Although there are a number of excellent translation websites and apps out there, my opinion is that the exact match .com domain name is authoritative and has helped with the website’s traffic. This descriptive domain name has become a brand, and it’s a testament to Chrysanthou’s efforts.


  1. Did some research on Anthos Chrysanthou after he failed to sell his domain to me on Sedo yesterday. Seems he has a checked past with NameJet. In my case, the domain was for sale for $280. Great buy for a domain with 2.2 million Google monthly searches. Sedo says he let it expire… DomainTools says differently. I guess legal action is next on my agenda.

    • Hi David

      Seems that I am also in the same position with Anthos Chrysanthou and Sedo is trying to get rid of me by offering my money back. I bought a domain from him off sedo for $100 and found the same domain on Godaddy Auctions for $1600 . This has been going on since Feb 8th 2015 . I called Anthos twice both times he confirmed the purchase and said it would be complete. Sedo says he does not respond. Anthos Double sells and hopes I go away.

    • I also got my money back… at least he responded to you. I never did hear from him. Good luck and hope it works out for you.

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