Acquired by Brent Oxley hit the market a couple of weeks ago when Ryan Colby of Outcome Brokerage sent a newsletter to his brokerage clients and newsletter subscribers offering the domain name for sale. I detected a Whois change this week, and the new owner  of the domain name is Brent Oxley, founder of HostGator. The purchase price of the domain name was not disclosed, and because I didn’t ask for the asking price when it was listed, I couldn’t speculate about the sale price.

The last time I wrote about Brent, it was after he spent $500,000 to acquire At that time, Brent let me know he acquired the domain name for a specific project (which does not appear to have launched yet_. With, the acquisition is strictly an investment.

Here’s what Brent told me in my response to  an emailed I sent to him  to ask about the acquisition:

“I bought this domain with the sole intention of flipping it for a large profit. I’ve hired Ryan Colby to market the domain name and have listed it with him for $750,000. We both believe in its value and are in agreement that is the best domain to come along this year.”

With Ryan having marketed the domain name already, it will be interesting to see if he is able to re-sell at for Brent’s asking price. Judging only by what I have read about Brent, it seems like he has the time to wait for the right buyer to come along.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. crazy backstory to this domain, it was ready to be closed 2 weeks ago by the owner an 79 year old man, for $50K 2 weeks ago, Brent paid probably 125-$150K range as that was the guide range, maybe cheaper if Colby is brokering it back for another commission. It was at the center of a broker war, but nobody had it at that point, owner was shopping it around.

  2. A sale at this range could be difficult, the main problem I see is that is the typical domain that can be written in 2 different ways: or
    If I check at I see very similar metrics for both which let me think both forms are valid.
    This means a buyer may be tempted to simply buy the cheaper version or worst, not be comfortable to buy anything due to this possible writing error issue: Nobody wants to spend $750K in a name where half people could type-in another by error.

    This reminds me I was obligated to buy and a few years ago to secure the brand and be able to reassure potential buyers.

    I wish him a big sale anyway, even if I will prefer the big sale of the year be my … lol

  3. The word analyze is the Americanization of analyse, which the rest of the English speaking world uses. As far as I know and can tell, Americans are the only English speakers who use a “z” for the -yse and -ise verbs.

    • Let’s settle it once and for all 😀

      The word originates from the Greek Ανάλυσις – analysis – so there is no zee (or zed) involved.

  4. Ryan and I were going back and forth on this name and I thought we were about to close the deal. Then Brent bought it. Just like when you closed on a couple weeks ago – when I was working on it too. Damn! I missed two great names within a few weeks of each other. Maybe I just need to move a bit quicker on good names. Oh well. Ya win some, ya lose some.

  5. This is a great to see people like Brent are going to take part in domain name selling and buying business. I think he actually got a good domain name is great domain name, and I think he can good amount of profit by reselling it.

    • If it’s the good syntax in USA (where the biggest domain sales happen), then the domain has still big chances to make a blockbuster flip. It’s a very good name for a big data business, an AI powered service, … Stuff very hot right now (like encryption).

      And yes, that’s great for the industry that people with full pockets decide to start domaining (.com) so domainers with premium domains interested to flip can do more business (my case).

      PS: Thanks again Brent for the free hosting … lol (kidding).

  6. 500k for Oh my God, is this a joke? )) The domain is registered on 2017-04-11. Absolutely no authoritative references to it … it’s just “a clean sheet” for $0.5M. Apparently, I do not know something in this life))

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