5 Recent Domain Acquisitions

I have been fielding more inquiries than usual lately (generally the top 10-15 domain names get the majority of inquiries), and I have been doing a decent amount of selling. I am also actively buying to replace domain names I sell. Most of my purchases lately have been at NameJet or private acquisitions directly from the owners.

As I do periodically, I thought I would share five of my company’s recent acquisitions. These domain names have all been bought on the aftermarket in the last week or two.

Recent domain name purchases:

  • Embrace.com
  • Conceal.com
  • Franks.com
  • Ultrasonographer.com
  • VisitSantoDomingo.com

I invite you to share some of your very recent (last few weeks I guess) domain name acquisitions if you would like. By acquisition, I mean purchased on the aftermarket either on a marketplace like Sedo, via auction like NameJet, through a broker like Media Options, or in a private transaction. It’s always interesting to see the quality of domain names readers are buying as well as seeing what types of domain names are trading hands on a regular basis.

I will likely do a post discussing recent hand registrations, so please save those for the next time.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn
  1. You got some great names….saw embrace.com on namejet but was outbid.
    Recently acquired
    Hopefully these are good investments.

  2. Of your recent acquisitions, I like VisitSantoDomingo.com the most and not just because I have a few domains with the “Santo Domingo” keyword.

    No recent acquisitions to report as my last sale over $500 was August 2014…

  3. I don’t have any aftermarket buys but if it’s okay may I comment some recent hand registered buys? Living in Europe I tend to focus on European places and travel related names.



  4. LLYU.com

    Hey, how about doing a post about your best 4L domains as 4L is getting hot and I love it!!
    Bought lots 4 yrs ago dirt cheap and getting tons of inquiries.

  5. Love Embrace.com! Kicking myself for missing the end of that auction… ce la vie


    • Lemony.com makes my mouth water just thinking about it…


      Recents of Mine


  6. Great domains, Embrace.com is a terrific domain also visitsantodomingo.com is my fav.
    my latest acquisitions


  7. CarMiniature.com (13 years old)
    UniEducation.com (11 years old)
    EntrepreneurFarm.com (10 years old)
    Protecteurs.com (means PROTECTORS in french)
    Erster.com (means FIRST in german)

  8. Some I’ve picked up recently:


  9. Embrace.com is more valuable than Lilac, imo. I think you kind of won the lottery compared to what you paid for it.

  10. YellowBaloonFun. org/com

    To help raise funds + awareness for all volunteer efforts at large outdoor concerts/events to help attendees find each other who want to remain sober + enjoy event. NYT article last week.

  11. Those are great names. What is your development plan with Embrace.com?

    I am selling PubsVegas.com at bargain price…in case you are interested 😉

  12. I acquired Tadle.com two days ago.

    It received an offer last night, so I sent it to auction (Go Daddy) today.

    In case the eventual buyer doesn’t want the price made public, I won’t reveal the price offered (because I can’t edit this, but until next Sunday you can see for yourself).

    This will probably be my fastest sale ever, that is, if it goes through.

    You just never know in this biz.

  13. Similar to your Ultrasonographer.com, I purchased UltrasoundImaging.com two weeks ago via GoDaddy auction for $1200 after the two higher bidders failed to pay $1300 and $1275.

    UltrasoundImaging.com previously sold for $2,400 on 01/01/2007

  14. Hi Elliot,

    It seems we have the same taste – I am the owner of Embracings.com 🙂

    And among my recent acquisitions:

    RGVB.com and sorrow.info



    • It is.

      According to Dictionary.com:
      verb (used without object) embracing = to join in an embrace.

      And according to Vocabulary.com:
      (NOUN) Embracing – the act of clasping another person in the arms (as in greeting or affection).

      “S” is for plural…



    • Well, Mark Twain used this word successfully:

      “But when the final great note died out and the song was done, they all flung themselves in a body at the singer, stark mad with love of him and love of France and pride in her great deeds and old renown, and smothered him with their embracings; but Joan was there first, hugged close to his breast, and covering his face with idolatrous kisses.” (Mark Twain 
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc Vol 1)

      And more examples:

      In A Book Title: “Love Communings: Soul Embracings with the Spirit of the Unborn Child” by Ann Adams

      “…knowledge of water and of rock, and of the one hundred combinations which rock and watercan assume—­for these two things, rock and water, taken in the abstract, fail as completely to convey any idea of their fierce embracings in the throes of a rapid as the fire burning quietly in a drawing-room fireplace fails to convey the idea of a house wrapped and sheeted in flames.” (The Great Lone Land by William Francis Butler)

      “Undoubtedly in the Abraham and Isaac characterization counts for more, but we have the journey to the Mount, the preparations for the sacrifice, the binding of the boy’s eyes, the repeatedly upraised sword, the farewell embracings, the very dramatic coming of the Angel, and the joyful sacrifice of the sheep when the child is released.” (Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker)

      “They stood still till the boat had cleared; and then, with tears and embracings, the husband and wife, with their wondering child in their arms, knelt down and lifted up their hearts to God!” (Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe)

      And to make you laugh my own example:

      Her embracings were not the reason to stop him from domaining 😉

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