30 Domain Name UDRP Filed by Sheryl Sandberg (Most Likely)


nafIt looks like Sheryl Sandberg may have filed a 30 domain name UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF). Because the NAF does not reveal the name of the complainant until the UDRP decision is rendered, it is just a guess the Sandberg (or her representation) is the complainant in this UDRP. The UDRP is case #1701249.

Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and a well-respected person in the field technology. In addition, Sandberg is an award winning author (Lean In), and she serves on a number of Boards of Directors, including Disney, SurveyMonkey, and some others others. Wikipedia reports that “Sandberg is reported to be worth over US$1 billion, due to her stock holdings in Facebook and other companies.” Sandberg is listed at #7 on the Forbes list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women for 2016.

Interestingly, it looks like the majority of the domain names in the UDRP are part of the new gTLD program. Also interestingly, the exact match SherylSandberg.com domain name is not one of the domain names including in this UDRP filing. That domain name is privately owned and is currently parked.

The 30 domain names that are a part of this UDRP filing are:

  • sheryl-sandberg-sucks.com
  • sheryl-sandberg-sucks.me
  • sheryl-sandberg.com
  • sherylsandberg.bio
  • sherylsandberg.biz
  • sherylsandberg.ceo
  • sherylsandberg.co
  • sherylsandberg.foundation
  • sherylsandberg.info
  • sherylsandberg.life
  • sherylsandberg.me
  • sherylsandberg.mobi
  • sherylsandberg.net
  • sherylsandberg.org
  • sherylsandberg.porn
  • sherylsandberg.rip
  • sherylsandberg.rocks
  • sherylsandberg.sexy
  • sherylsandberg.social
  • sherylsandberg.technology
  • sherylsandberg.wtf
  • sherylsandberg.xxx
  • sherylsandberg.xyz
  • sherylsandbergsucks.biz
  • sherylsandbergsucks.co
  • sherylsandbergsucks.com
  • sherylsandbergsucks.info
  • sherylsandbergsucks.me
  • sherylsandbergsucks.net
  • sherylsandbergsucks.org

I did Whois searches for a handful of those domain names, and the ones I checked were owned by the same entity. UDRP rules allow for a complainant to file a large UDRP against multiple domain names that are owned by the same party.

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