3 Insurance Domain Names for Sale


I listed two insurance-related domain names that sold yesterday, and I am listing a few more today:

SanFranciscoDentalInsurance.com – BIN: $1,850
ChandlerDentalInsurance.com – BIN: $650

TempeMedicalInsurance.com – BIN: $650

Buy all 3 together for $2,300. Domain names are registered at Moniker for a quick push. Buyer pays escrow fees if payment is made via Paypal.


  1. Insurance names are going through the roof. 3 letters car insurance names are getting 5 to 20k depending on the state. Smaller cities less the 5k. You can’t touch a state 2 worded insurance name without a 50k bid or more. I know this because I have a few.

    Insurance clicks are among the highest in google ppc. Very competitve.

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