2011 Prediction Comes True: Monte Cahn and Mike Berkens Start New Venture


At the end of 2010, I posted three predictions for 2011, and it looks like one of those predictions has already come true just a month into the new year. In that blog post, I wrote:

Monte Cahn will be back in the domain space in some way, although it probably won’t be for a large or well known company.”

According to a press release I received today, Mike Berkens and Monte Cahn have started a new venture called Right of the Dot. The company will “help registries determine launch strategies and auction plans for their new TLDs, but the uniquely experienced consulting firm can also perform high-end corporate domain needs assessment and establish a business domain strategy to compete in the future.”

It’s good to see two of the smartest guys in the domain space start this new venture, and I wish them all the best.


  1. The “right of the dot” mindset/strategy/outlook is flawed.

    Within five years, roughly half of all internet traffic will terminate on mobile devices. Inherently, APPS are limited in scope and scale, so end-users will still punch-in URL’s to use their smart-phones and smart-tv’s, which means BREVITY will rule the day with regards to URL’s.

    Would you rather type in Boston.co, News.Boston, or Boston.News to read today’s headlines? Exactly.

    I realize the trailblazers of this new venture are well-respected, smart men, but I would bet the house that the “Right-of-the-dot” mindset does not permeate the mainstream and will be very short-lived if it ever gets off the ground.

    Brevity, baby…brevity.

    – TBC

  2. Looking back on my first post, I will take-back my comment of “The ‘right of the dot’ mindset/strategy/outlook is flawed”. These fellows may have an amazing marketing and strategic plan that goes far beyond the press release, so I’ll reserve judgement to see if they bang-out some huge deals over the next couple of years. As Elliot has pointed out numerous times, I’m no expert, so my opinions should probably be taken with a pound of salt 🙂

    Good luck ROTD, but I still say…Brevity, baby…brevity 😉

    – TBC

  3. I see there’s a site up at LeftOfTheDot.com. Who will win, ROTD or LOTD??? LOL!

    In other news, UnderTheDot.com is up and running, but OverTheDot.com is still un-reg’d…hmmm…should I grab it??? Nah.

    – TBC

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