$100 Fantasy Football League


I am a big New England Patriots NFL football fan. A couple of years ago, I was in a fantasy football league and found that all of the games were more exciting when there was something on the line.  I am participating in a fantasy football league with some friends, and I want to see if anyone would be interested in a domain investor football league using Yahoo (this will be a points league)

The buy in will be $100 per team, and I will collect the funds and then distribute them to the winners at the end of the season. There will be ten teams in the league and the winner will receive $600, second place will receive $250, and third place will receive $150.

If you are interested, can pay $100, and can participate in a draft some time this week or next (most likely on this Wednesday or a week from Wednesday), post a comment here. If there aren’t enough people, I won’t set it up. I will be in touch with those who comment though.

PS: If you’re one of those people who likes to complain about non-domain related (or domain sales) blog posts appearing on Domaining.com, here’s your cue to whine email Francois to lodge your complaint and then he can email me about it.


  1. Hi Elliot,

    I do not think ‘non domain’ post are not out of line AT all…every once in a while. IMHO. 🙂

    My post Friday:



      • @ BS

        Will be via Paypal to make it easier and so I can collect promptly. I’ve been involved in a league where someone didn’t pay (NCAA pool) and it was annoying for others.

        I will email everyone in a couple days to confirm whether this is a go or not. I want 10 teams to make it the most fun and competitive.

        BTW, I’ve never won anything on fantasy football 🙂

  2. Hi

    @ Elliot

    “This will be $100 US dollars, not 100 BS dollars.”

    Tooo funny 😉

    @Bulls….walked right into that one…

    Peace to all…


  3. @Bulls…

    “as the way things are, 1 BS dollar is worth more than 1US dollar . 😉

    credit where credit is do…tops Elliot’s nice line. IMHO 😉

    Good fun…



  4. @ Elliot

    The way are economy and USD is headed…they are not going to be worth much more than “bulls dollars”…in the future.

    might have to set up a: ‘bspal’ online payment system 😉


  5. Hi Elliot, I’d love to be included. I’m in NYC, so I can do live … or via online … whichever works. This weekend doesn’t work for me as I’ll be in Bermuda for my b-school’s fantasy football draft. Thanks, Mike

  6. Hi,
    If you need another, I’m in. On central European Time though, so later than 8PM EST is a bit rougher for me to make. Just let me know.

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