10 of My Favorite Things


Change of pace this afternoon with a non-domain name related post. Here are ten of my favorite things… what are your favorite things?

Sports Team: Boston Red Sox

Ice Cream Flavor: Cinnamon donut ice cream (custom made by a friend)

Color: Green

Domain Name I Own: Torah.com

City: New Orleans

TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Company: Apple

Athletic Activity: Biking

Artist or Musician: Peter Max

Non Business-Related Website: Boston.com


  1. Hey Elliot, I can play this game…

    Sports Team: LA Lakers (Since Showtime, early 80’s)

    Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

    Color: Sky Blue

    Domain Name I Own: MyHouseSpace.com

    City: Santa Barbara

    TV Show: Dexter

    Company: Virgin (Richard Branson)

    Athletic Activity: Hiking

    Artist or Musician: Frank Gehry (Architecture)

    Non Business-Related Website: wikipedia

  2. Domain Name I Own: BullShitWebsites.com

    Goal: To educate the people of the world not to spend any money on the websites- grow your own food and be self sufficient, support the local farmers’ markets-stay away from the internet as much as possible and spend quality time with family.

    Ice Cream Flavor: Home made-Durian Flavor

  3. @Elliot

    Dude, you just gave away all your password recovery q&a, and got some of your audience to do so to.

    So what was the car everybody learned to drive on 😉

  4. Hmm… Fun. I’ll play.

    Sports Team: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (that’s right. DEVIL Rays… They will never be the “Rays” to me. Sternberg can kiss my ass.)

    Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla. (straight-up, ordinary vanilla)

    Color: matte black and bead-blasted aluminum

    Domain Name I Own: Bang-on .com related to a personal interest

    City: Chicago

    TV Show: Sea Hunt (The original, with Lloyd Bridges)

    Company: Tata Motors

    Athletic Activity: SCUBA

    Artist or Musician: http://www.FingerstyleGuitarists.com . Pick one.

    Non Business-Related Website: Porn

  5. This is a great alternative to a domain post!

    Sports Team: Bears

    Ice Cream Flavor: Pistachio
    Color: Green

    Domain Name I Own: Zoop.CO

    City: Los Angeles

    TV Show: Dexter

    Company: Canon

    Athletic Activity: Weightlifting

    Artist or Musician: Soulfly

    Non Business-Related Website: Ebay – Im on it constantly

  6. Sports Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

    Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chip

    Color: Green

    Domain Name I Own: BlackjackPro.com

    City: NYC (Manhattan, specifically)

    TV Show: Dexter

    Company: 37signals.com

    Athletic Activity: Biking

    Artist or Musician:
    Today it’s this guy, tomorrow, someone else:

    @LS – gotta love that fingerstyle

    Non Business-Related Website: NYTimes.com

  7. @LS Morgan

    “Skin diving is fun and adventure for young and old, but it can be dangerous . So know the sport well, and don’t take any chances.”

    Mike Nelson

    And I thought I was the only one!

    Favorite episode:”Magnetic Mine”

    I couldn’t prove it, but I’d swear that spiked. oversized beach ball was an early adopter of “smart” technology. Did you see that thing move?

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