Earn Extra WhyPark Revenue Rewards


I just noticed a new WhyPark “Revenue Rewards” program and wanted to share the information with you. I am not sure how long it’s been around, but I just noticed it.

According to the company, “WhyPark Revenue Rewards are bonus payments made each month to users that earned over $30 in the previous month. Reward payments are based on a bonus pool which is shared based on your performance relative to other WhyPark users.”

Although WhyPark doesn’t reveal how much money is in the bonus pool or what percentage of the pot is earned by each user, it’s a pretty cool way to earn a bit of extra money each month. To see  your total Revenue Rewards earned, you can log into your WhyPark account, click on the “My Account” tab and then choose the”Revenue Rewards” link from the menu on the left. The bonus will also show up in your Payments Received tab.

Payments are  paid out on the next scheduled payment.


  1. I just checked out my account (recently signed up) and it states the following

    You have not yet earned Revenue Rewards. This program began in May 2011.

    Looks like they started this month.

  2. Theo – Correct, it just started today and is based on April’s revenue. If you earn over $30 this month, then you’ll earn Revenue Rewards on June 17th. It’s not so much a flat percentage as it is how well you do compared to other WhyPark users. So, the better performing customers will get a bigger cut of that bonus pool.

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