Acquired for “Charitable Social Network”


Wired published an article announcing that “Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and mobile network The People’s Operator are launching a new charitable social network called” According to historical Whois records, was acquired earlier this year from Telepathy, the domain investment company owned by Nat Cohen. had been owned by Telepathy as recently as January 2015.

I reached out to Nat for a comment about the sale of, but he did not share the sale price. Nat said, “I can confirm that the sale occurred at the end of January.” It looks like Nat’s company had owned since 2008. Another domain investor was listed as registrant prior to Telepathy’s ownership, and I presume Nat bought it privately in 2008.

I think it would be very interesting to learn how the company inquired to buy the domain name and what information about their plans was shared at the time of the purchase. Telepathy uses to facilitate the sales of some of its domain names, and I would be curious what Telepathy was able to learn prior to finalizing the deal. According to Nat, “I was aware of The Peoples Operator and assumed it was just an abbreviation but didn’t know of Jimmy Wales involvement or of their plans.”

Telepathy owns some exceptional domain names, and the company has also sold quite a few domain names to startups and established companies. I presume was sold for a very good price. Perhaps we will learn about the sale price in the future, but for now, this is another private sale that won’t hit the sales charts.

I am glad to see being used in such a positive and innovative way.   Looking forward to seeing the impact of their branding as as the TPO network grows,” Nat mentioned.


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