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NBA Basketball Player Seeks to Return Hundreds of Domain Names


As I reported back in May, NBA basketball player Chris Bosh won a judgment against a cybersquatter with the help of law firm Winston and Strawn. At the time, it was reported that Bosh was able to recover the domain name, and he also won a financial judgment of $120,000 (including legal fees and damages). The report also indicated that the cybersquatter owned hundreds of other domain names of professional athletes.

This afternoon, Winston & Strawn announced that Bosh was awarded nearly 800 of these cybersquatted domain names, and Bosh now "offers their return for free to cybersquatting victims." Athletes who want to claim the rights to their .com domain names may now do so at no cost to them. According to a note to athletes on the downloadable pdf containing the domain names, "If your name is on this list and you would like your name returned for free, contact Hadi   Teherany at Max Deal at (917) 338-7946 or"

Some of the domain names that were awarded include:

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