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At What Price Will Sell?


A few weeks ago, it was announced that Rick Schwartz would be selling at the Traffic Miami live auction held by Rick Latona, and there would be no reserve price. was originally purchased for $200,000 when the extension was originally released. From what I understand, the lawyer from 1-800-Flowers was there, but Schwartz outbid him to win the domain name.

Since buying, a lot has changed with regards to the perception of .mobi domain names. I don't believe I own (or my company owns) more than maybe a couple of hand registered .mobis. I don't even track how .mobi domain names are selling, but I can't remember the last one to crack DN Journal's weekly sales report.

There are a number of questions that will soon be answered, but I am sure there are those who are already thinking about them. Will .mobi investors bid heavily on this domain name to help improve the value perception of the extension? Will someone buy it and build a profitable website?

One of the biggest questions is will → Read More