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Stop Looking for End Users & Sell to Other Domain Investors


Stop!Brian from TeenDomainer.com has a post today that brought up some good points about selling domain names to end users rather than to other domain investors. He is right in some respects, but that isn't the full picture. My primary clients are and always have been other domain investors, and it makes sense for my business.

If I buy a domain name for $10,000, my goal is obviously to sell it for more than $10,000. I can either try to hit a home run and sell it to an end user for much more, or I can settle for a single and sell it much more quickly but at a lower profit margin. While many people like to hit home runs and make huge sales, it can be more lucrative over the long run to make more domain investor to domain investor sales.

If I sell the domain name to an end user for $20,000, that's a great 100% profit, but it could take months to move it. However, if I sell it to another domain investor for $12,500 within a week, I now have a profit in my pocket and the ability to buy an even better domain name with that base amount.
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Guest Post: End User Follow Up


This is a guest post from domain investor Calvin Washington, and I wanted to share it in the hopes that it helps others who are dealing with end user sales. If you are doing something unique that could help other domain investors, and you'd like to write a guest post, please email me. As long as you aren't trying to sell something or get a back link, and it's helpful to others, I would be happy to post it.


I have been using this trick successfully lately when selling to end users who for whatever reason showed no interest in my particular domain. It has been working for me after getting a "No!" or "Not interested" reply. It's really simple and I'm sure many others are doing something similar but you never know!

Thanks XXXX,

Though you expressed no interest in XXXXX.com, I appreciate your getting back with me. The highest offer we received was $XXX. I guess it's best to let the market decide it's value. If for any reason in the future it may be of value to you, we will be willing
to accept $XXX.

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Tip to Find End Users on Google


I learned   a great tip to find end users via Google from domain investor, Bob Olea. As discussed many times here and other places, the best way to sell a domain name for an optimal price is to sell it to an end user who can make the most of the domain name. They can generally justify the cost of a premium domain name, knowing the costs associated with their products and sales.

Oftentimes, when a company can't get the primary generic domain name for their industry, they settle for and purchase other longer tail domain names.

Here's the tip: Type into Google - inurl:keywords (for example inurl:flowers or inurl:"flower shop").

The result is a list of all websites that have those keywords in their, subdomains, or sub folders (either anywhere in the url or the exact phrase). You can use this list of results to find companies who may wish to upgrade to your generic domain name.

Check it out and see if you can find an end user for your great domain names!


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