Sedo Updates Landing Pages


I saw that Domain Gang had an article about the updates to Sedo’s sales landing pages. As someone with an interest in marketing, I wanted to learn more about the changes to see what was updated and the rationale for the updates.

I reached out to Heather DelCarpini, Sedo’s North America Marketing Team Manager, and she shared some insight about what has changed:

1) Over time we’ve made a gradual change from using the phrase “fixed prices” to “Buy Now” for listings that do not include negotiations between buyer and seller. The latest landing page overtly switches to removing all references to the term “fixed prices.”

2) We made some other changes to the copy to try and tighten the language. We’re always testing the language we use to see what people respond to.

3) We are testing a quick and easy sign up process for signing up to receive email communications from Sedo such as auction communications and domain news.

4) We added a new feature that brings more clarity to the SedoMLS process – whenever a sale is made through the SedoMLS network the seller is informed which partner referred the sale. We wanted to mention the feature in the landing page. Once we’ve tested this feature we plan to do some outreach announcing the addition in our newsletter and other media.

5) In the older landing page we promoted the buyer notifications, and we wanted to change the emphasis to the clarity feature, which a lot of clients have asked for. We notify previous bidders whenever a seller sets Buy Now prices, and we send another notification if the prices are reduced.


  1. Great timing, Elliot. I was just about to let Domain Gang know the same thing. I just noticed they further refined the landing pages that Domain Gang mentioned yesterday and they are now live. I think they did a great job. Much less clutter on the page, their “why buy a domain?” video right there, and the payment options: everything a buyer needs to know. They also have new templates rolling out, with the “Search” template being my favorite for it’s simplicity yet effectiveness. Happy to see Sedo making these necessary changes.

  2. Just logged into Sedo and saw this (FYI):

    Sedo tries a new look for its offer pages!

    Starting today, we will be trying a new design on a handful of English-language Sedo offer pages. We think this will help make the page clearer and more appealing to any potential buyer, and so help sell more of your domains!

    The new page will be rotated in over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. In addition to testing an update to our standard offer page, we’ll be trying out a new page layout targeted at buyers who originate from a parking page. To see a preview of the new design that visitors from a parking page see, go to

  3. The new Sedo sales lander pages are a real improvement.

    Just as important, they have also got a new template to pick for your domain parked page – sales lander. I like it – it has half the page focusing on “this domain is for sale” in bigger fonts while still offering a column of ppc links. I hope they expand this area and come up with some more options for templates specifically for sales pages.

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