Sedo Great Domains Auction Results

Sedo’s June Great Domains auction ended yesterday, and it resulted in the sale of 36 domain names. The largest sale was at $49,999, and that was followed by at $20,600.

The full list of sales is below, although you should keep in mind that they may not have all been paid by the buyers yet. If you had an interest in a name that didn’t sell or meet reserve, you should get in contact with Sedo to try and work out a deal, since it’s likely the name is under contract with the company.

June Great Domain auction results: 49999 USD 20600 USD 10099 USD 9500 USD 4000 USD 3300 USD 2799 EUR 2395 EUR 2000 USD 2000 USD 1300 USD 750 GBP 720 EUR 700 USD 700 USD 609 EUR 500 USD 499 EUR 499 EUR 350 USD 310 USD 265 USD 250 USD 210 USD 200 EUR 165 USD 130 USD 110 EUR 100 EUR 100 GBP 100 USD 100 EUR 100 USD 100 EUR 100 USD 100 USD

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I think is an awesome name and at a great price. I honestly cant understand how a name like went for 9500 and hairstylists didnt. Am I missing something?

  2. is the best buy on the list.

    Is it just me or were these results pretty weak?

    I haven’t bought a name off Sedo since the owner of did not honor sale last year.

  3. “I haven’t bought a name off Sedo since the owner of did not honor sale last year.”

    Technically you haven’t bought a name since before that. If the owner didn’t honor the sale then you weren’t able to fully “buy” that name=)

  4. The prices look extremely low, for 2k is a major bargain. seems like a good buy too.

    Maybe the birders are all on vacation?

  5. I disagree that exact match popular searches have anything to do with the low price of hairstylists dot com. It does not matter much with a good name,

    My two best performing websites are great names with less than 300 exact match. They are descriptive, specific, and have the potential to deliver 100K hits per month as a pair. It will take 1,000 posts on each to produce the numbers. It is definitely interesting as well as easy to do. 50 sites working together in the network can deliver many hits.

    As for Hairstylists dot com, Hairstylist dot com holds more exact match search value. On hairstylists dot com, any interested individual can easily write about hairstyles, hair service, mobile hairstylist, hairdresser, include hair stylist games, jobs, salary, haircuts and other hair related keywords. NYC has a big market for hairstylists.

    “Hair Stylists” is searched 1,000 times per month rather than combining the keyword of “hairstylists”. Improperly parsing the keywords can reduce the impact of the search results. Hairstylists dot com is worth far more than $4000.

    if you don’t have any interest in the hair industry, then it is not worth your time. I wouldn’t mind owning a domain like hairstylists dot com. However, I wouldn’t have any interest in personally running the website.

    Hairstylists dot com is obviously a revenue generator. You can get hits to both the single and two word hits – (hairstylists) + (hairstylist).

  6. @ J

    That’s my opinion. I would have built a directory, and I like high exact match domain names, otherwise the site may rank well for the exact match search but not get enough traffic to make it a worthwhile investment.

    I also have too many projects on my plate as it is, so adding one more to the hopper wouldn’t have been a good idea. I didn’t think it would be easy to find a buyer for that particular name, which also could have been an option.

    If I wanted to add another project, the price may have been higher I suppose, but that would have depended on the other bidder.

    This week, I bought,, and a three letter .com (not a NJ name). I spent more than enough on names this week.

  7. @ J

    yes, you are right about the search volume, but a total of 1,200 searches a month out of billions and billions was not sufficient for me to want to build it out.

    I have limited time, and I didn’t want to spend it on this project.

    Again, had I decided to go in and bid, the price would have been more than $4k and maybe not as good of a value for me.

  8. BIdders were definitely snoozing on the hair domain. The two word search value is what matters most. Would have been worth $10K to take a shot on that domain. The potential is there.

    Shopfront dot com is not even that great of a domain. The real stats are not as appealing as you see on online valuation platforms. $2K is steep for domainers. Decent price for an end-user. It would take work to brand the name.

    Would have been better to go after the hair domain and maybe a few cheaper dot com sites.

  9. @Elliot,

    I agree with you. You have a lot going on with many projects. Would have been worth an extra bid. You never know if the buyer would have capped off at $4k.

    I once dropped out of a recent bid on a domain. It went above the amount I wanted to spend. I thought about the value, the stats, and the domain age.

    I attempted to bid again. The leading bidder dropped out. I won.

    HairStlylists dot com is the type of domain you usually acquire. Based on many of your recent purchases and domain sales, the domain was right for your portfolio.

    It is worth the money to retain the domain for a future project. I monitor searches that arrive on one hair service domain that has no content. The top searches are mobile hairstylists and hair styles. The majority of the searches come from NYC.

    Think like the Hollywood Treasures show. At a certain point, people will drop out of the bidding. It is interesting to watch a collectible go from nobody bidding to a bid war. Domains are the same way. Bidders have their limits.

    If I had the resources available, that hair domain would have been a great acquisition. I see commercial value in owning that domain. You could have easily started a membership to connect mobile hairdressers with clients. My stats from the past year supports the high demand for hair service.

    You always find the good deals. That was a good domain, which the two word usage would be valuable to your business operation.

  10. That would be passive income like you make on Dog Walker. I see hundreds of people searching for hair stylist jobs, equipment, products, new hair styles, how to start a mobile hair service, how to start a hair business, how to find a mobile stylist in NYC, hair extension and much more.

    I have 11 pages of keyword stats to support this. 12 months of exact search data as well. In my opinion, this domain compliments your domain portfolio.

    It’s already a done deal. Another bidder won at $4k. If you have a second chance at acquiring the domain, definitely take a look again. You can promote products as an Amazon affiliate. Easy hair product sales.

    I see the Dog Walker approach worthwhile to develop the hair stylists domain. The commercial value is extremely high.

    Hope your family is doing well. Have a great weekend.

  11. @Elliot

    Want to add one last point to the hair domain.

    Even though you may not get ranked for “hair stylists” right way, you have access to all hair searches.

    You may be listed on Google Page #5 for “hair styles” in the beginning, but contributing content at a moderate rate (order it like you did for Bahamas dot co) is worth the investment.

    In time, you may find that selling the domain to make double your money is no longer a thought. For the most part, the membership, directory, hair product sales, advertising, beauty school listings, and other top hair searches would make your investment back in no time,

    The rest of the way you will make passive income with low maintenance. You can easily create a cool logo to compliment the site.

    This is how I would debate the value of this domain to a buyer. It was a steal at $4K. Since you already acquired a few extra domains 9PetCollars is a great domain – congrats) during the week, then you made a good decision to not proceed with the hair domain.

    However, the hair domain could make great income to fund additional domain purchases. Basic instinct tells me this domain is a moneymaking business. Thanks.

  12. The guy that bought has an insane 8 figure portfolio already, very low key and smart. I am curious what he turns it into. It was a huge steal at 4k

    • @ Darius

      The Whois hasn’t changed yet, and there aren’t many people with legitimate “insane 8 figure portfolios.” Many people think they have them, but realistically, only a few do.

  13. @elliot, you are correct. I am unsure of what he paid and the current valuations etc, but I will rephrase, definitely has some amazing domains.

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