Reason to List a Domain Name at a Great Domains Auction

I just received an email from Sedo, and I think this tactic is an advantage to listing a name in the Great Domains monthly auction vs. other venues. Here’s the email I received:

Subject: Auction started for [redacted].com

Hello Elliot

You previously expressed interest in purchasing the domain [redacted].com through Sedo’s marketplace. We would like to inform you that the seller is holding a public auction for the domain.
The auction is live and will end on Dec/13/12 12:00 PM EST.If you are still interested in [redacted].com this might be your last chance to purchase it before someone else! The reserve will be displayed on the auction page once it has been met. The domain will definitely sell once the reserve has been met and the auction closes.

View the current activity [redacted]

For information on domain auctions please visit the FAQ section of our website.

Best Regards,

Your Sedo Team


It appears that Sedo automatically sends an email to anyone who previously bid on a domain name when the domain name is sent to auction. This is a great way to reactivate leads who at one time were interested in the name and may have further interest.

I’ve always stressed how important it is to reconnect with people who have inquired about a domain name when you receive a tempting purchase offer. Sedo’s automatic email will likely bring more buyers to the table, especially since the domain owner doesn’t have the contact information for past leads.

Knowing that Sedo does this would make me more inclined to list a name for sale in a Great Domains auction if it had received bids in the past.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Thats all good and well but it appears that if you dont know anyone over there you have zero chance of getting your name in the auction…thank G*d for Frank Schilling and DNS. If was depending on Sedo/Great Domains I would be 0-7 with the names submitted. A few months with DNS and 3 of those 7 have sold.

    • I bet if you have decent domain names at reserve prices that are likely to sell, they will be listed. You are welcome to post what you submitted and you’ll probably receive feedback about the names.

  2. Elliott,

    I have 13 names listed over there at the auction all .tv, and I got them listed because I have sold lot’s of .tv for 5 figures plus. These are my names listed:

    Sedo Auction top .tv’s for sale
    I listed some of my .tv’s at Sedo/Great Domains Auction that starts today. Here is the link to the auction at:

    Some of my name listed are below:

  3. It’s not that easy to get accepted at the Great Domains auction. We see some mediocre domains listed, whereas good domains are rejected.

    Maybe Sedo is looking for domains to compliment each category. You don’t necessarily need use this auction to sell your domains.

    Many times, I see end-users overlook great domains that Sedo would probably reject as premium quality. The end-users criticize domains which later score over a million unique visits the next several months.

    Too bad these end-users are unintelligent because their traffic is suffering now. This Great Domains auction does not guarantee you a sale, especially at your reserve price.

    • Yep – even if accepted, it might not sell.

      I don’t think you can call all end users unintelligent. I don’t know their business, so I can’t assume a domain name is going to necessarily add value, especially if they don’t spend much effort on online marketing.

  4. I never list my best .com’s in the auction, and I don’t even list my best .tv’s in the auction either. However, have sold many names for a good ROI on Sedo, but the best ROI are always those end users contacting me direct.

  5. @ adinfinite – I don’t know anybody on Sedo, I’m a domaining noob, and I have had my domains listed a few times with them. You just have to have a knack for picking good domains that you know will have a shot at getting into the auction.

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