Quick Hits for the Weekend

Time for some random thoughts and notes for the week.

I think some gTLDs like .NYC are going to be very successful. Businesses are going to want to buy them to distinguish themselves as New York companies, much like many European businesses buy ccTLD domain names. I think there will be trouble selling some gTLD extensions, but it really depends on the audience and marketing, and I have a feeling .NYC will be a winner.

After spending a few days in Lowell, I realize how important a city .com domain name is. People who hadn’t visited Lowell.com were very interested in learning more about it and how they can be on it. Getting a sales person on the ground in the area will be key to really generating revenue.

Aftermarket.com is now accepting domain submissions for the Domain Roundtable show in June.

Every day, I seem to find out something new about Google and how it can be used to increase awareness on my developed websites. Take some time to look at the main Google accounts page and check out all of the links. Almost all of the applications can be beneficial to a small company doing business online.

General domain sales may be down across the board for most domain investors, but there are still a lot of companies buying ultra premium domain names. Many companies realize there is little overhead required when buying a category defining domain name, and it can pay major dividends to do so in terms of traffic and trust. Buying a domain name in these tough times can be much better than acquiring a business, which comes with significant overhead.

Have a happy Easter, Passover, or weekend.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. DotNYC could be successful, however, I would never put it in the same league as a ccTLD. There’s a big difference between a business wanting to be seen as nationalist versus provincial. JoesDeli.nyc might work for them because it stresses their neighborhood branding (though I believe they’d still be better off with JoesDeli.com), but businesses with larger aspirations could eventually find dotNYC as a marketing millstone around their neck.

  2. Hmmm….

    NYC Population – Approx. 18 million
    US Population – Approx. 300 million
    Global Population – Approx. 5-6 billion

    I do agree value might be found in a micro-economy such as NYC, (I know, hard to think of NYC as micro) but a fraction compared to what’s out there.

    Just a thought,

  3. elliot,

    congrats on some advertising dollars coming inn… sounds like a great trip and meeting new contacts…your off to the races and geo space imo. whatever you do elliot-dont add pop up advertising on a geo site, washingtondc.com has it and what a turn off imo to receive a few dollars a month based on traffic. worse then google adsense on a geo site imo.(besides that-there site is perfect)

    anyways..back on track, lol.. i cant wait to read your in depth discussion on your trip, how you did the presentation to them, mention traffic and etc. i am sure you had attended the chamber of commerce there and met with the ceo and joined.

    great to see a domainer concentrate on development and a business. in the long run, this will pay off very well vs parking and domain sales.

    congrats elliot

  4. I agree with David, .NYC couldn’t be compared with ccTLD’s two different cups of tea, however for NY business on a “local level” and to compliment a .com or even .us .NYC I personally feel it will be a very powerful & strong gTLD for NYC especially having the NY pride & population to compliment it. Approx 18 million…alot of eyeballs there…and can’t forget that NJ factoring in….

    As for Lowell sounds like you have a solid plan, no doubt Lowell.com & Burbank.com will be a great successes, congrats!


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