“is Not for Sale”


If you want to buy the great (and obviously valuable) domain name, it is not for sale. The owner of the domain name has a creative page within his website to let people know  isn’t for sale and he doesn’t have any intention of selling it.

In doing some Whois searches yesterday, I saw that the Whois information for  directed people to a page within the website that discusses the domain name and why it is not for sale. I think some of what was written on the page is a bit tongue in cheek, but I like it. Reading between the lines a bit, my interpretation is that it is not for sale, but if someone is willing to make a very, very good offer for it, the owner would give it due consideration.

Negotiations can be exciting  and interesting, but they can also be draining and unproductive. Setting expectations at the outset can be helpful. This page says quite a bit about the status of the domain name, and surely acts as a time saving tactic for the domain owner.

For someone like me who regularly inquires about and buys good domain names, I wouldn’t even bother wasting the owner’s time seeing how he carefully crafted a page to discuss how the domain name is not for sale. I am sure he has received a ton of purchase inquiries for the domain name, and if he sends those people to this page, it can almost certainly weed out unqualified prospects. He is helping to set expectations at the outset, and I think it’s smart.


  1. Elliot, you have probably seen it but, take a look at Germany .com

    I would also be interested in hearing your valuation of both these domains, liquid and end user.

    I know end user is a how long is a peice of string question but I will go first –

    Prepare .com liquid – $25k end user $150k

    Germany .com liquid – $1m end user $5m

  2. Those long, drawn out, “not for sale” pages are usually an indication of the name being for sale — but the owner is sick of dealing with tire kickers and low spammy offers.

  3. I like what he wrote, but maybe he should hire a broker to try to sell it for some crazy high amount. He would have nothing to lose by doing that, and would not have to deal with the offers that way.

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