Observation About WIPO Decisions


I spend a fair amount of time researching WIPO decisions, and I think anyone who is serious about this business should, too.    I’ve noticed that I hardly ever recognize any of the names or companies that are the Respondents in these decisions.    It’s probably a good thing, but there are an awful lot of people out there registering unquestionable trademarks, and I rarely recognize their names.    The only names I ever recognize are typically Respondents in cases where the Complainant shouldn’t have a chance in hell at winning (FCC.com for example).

I’m not claiming to know a large portion of domain owners in the world, but I know alot of the names of people via their posts in domain forums and Whois searches.    To me, it looks like there is a group of legitimate domain owners whose reputations are being sullied by less ethical domain owners.

I don’t know if anyone has made the same observation before, but this needs to be stopped.

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