NameJet Announces Price Change on Pending Delete Names


I want to relay some NameJet news that I just received. The company is increasing the minimum bid price for pending delete domain names from $39 to $69. This change reverts back to where pricing was before the October price drop, which I previously wrote about. At the time of that announcement, the company side the reduced price was for a limited time, and it seems that time has come to an end.

Here’s the announcement that will be sent to NameJet customers this afternoon:

We want to let you know that our promotional pricing of $39 minimum backorders on PendingDelete domain names is ending effective today, 3/30/2016. The new minimum backorder for Pending Delete domains will now be $69. This is being done as part of a broader initiative to increase our drop-catch efficacy and to improve the overall customer experience on NameJet by better helping you obtain the dropping domains that you want.

All $39 backorders placed before the change will still be honored, but once the change is implemented you will no longer be able to put in bids below the new $69 minimum.

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving your needs in the domain name aftermarket!

As a result of this pricing change, you may want to adjust some of your important backorders, which might not meet the $69 minimum.


  1. “This is being done as part of a broader initiative to increase our drop-catch efficacy ” – Translation: is killing us so we have to make more money on the few domains we do catch…

  2. I didn’t even know it was $39 at NameJet and just assumed it was in the $69 range. Shows you how much I’ve used NameJet in recent years.

    $39 was what it cost for a basic SnapNames non-auction “SnapBack” order when they started out all those years ago now. I got a nice and famous .com domain with one of those back in those early days.

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