Luck of the Irish: Owner of Finds $3,600 and Returns it to Owners


Pat Quinn sent me an article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette yesterday and I thought would be a nice story to share. Brennan Breene of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania was driving on Sunday when he happened to notice a cash-filled envelope on the road. The envelope contained $3,600, which had been lost by two newlyweds who had put the envelope on the top of their car before they accidentally drove away.

Breene took the envelope and searched a few local websites to see if he could find any news about someone losing a significant amount of money. He learned about the newlyweds’ loss, and he drove the money to the police station to return it to the couple.

There is a video of the story (in which the website is mentioned) on the KDKA tv website, a local CBS affiliate. Brennan discusses that as a self-employed small business owner, he could have used the money, but he did the right thing and returned all of the cash.

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