Louis C.K. Discusses His .Net on The Daily Show


I saw a funny video this morning that I want to share with you. On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that aired earlier this week, comedian Louis C.K. was a guest. Towards the end of his appearance, Stewart instructed people to visit Louis C.K.’s website, and he was promoting the .net version, LouisCK.net rather than LouisCK.com. At the moment, LouisCK.net forwards to LouisCK.com, and you’ll probably be amused when you hear why he is doing it.

Jon Stewart’s reaction is funny, and I think you’ll enjoy their dialog.

If you want to skip through the interview to get to the discussion about the .net and the expired LouisCK.com domain name, skip to the 6:56 mark. Otherwise, enjoy the video in its entirety.

Thanks to Adam for sharing this with me.


  1. If .net came out this year with the “new G’s” it would be one of the most desirable extensions……..When is .net going to get some love?

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