GoDaddy Now Allowing Sign-in via Facebook and Amazon


When I was signing in to my GoDaddy account this morning, I noticed something new on the account log-in page. GoDaddy customers can now sign in via Facebook account and Amazon account. Here’s a screenshot of the login page with the Amazon and Facebook buttons:

To make sure I was not mistaken, I looked at and saw that those two additional log-in option buttons were not there in mid-June.

It also looks like GoDaddy freshened up the background images on the log-in pages as well. I noticed three additional log-in screen backgrounds when logging in to my GoDaddy account within the last week or so. It appears that GoDaddy is highlighting customer websites on these log-in screens. Here are the three new backgrounds that I noticed:

I am not a huge fan of logging into websites using log-in credentials from other websites. I would rather ensure each account login is secure in and of itself.

Regardless of how customers sign in to their accounts, they should enable two factor authentication on their accounts. GoDaddy supports Yubikey 2FA and the company also allows customers to have an additional layer of protection with their DTVS protocol.

I reached out to reps from GoDaddy to ask about logging-in via Amazon and Facebook, and I will provide an update when I hear back. A lot of people are on vacation this week because of Independence Day in the US, so I may not learn more about this until next week.


  1. I’ve never liked or used third party account logins like Facebook, Amazon etc., I don’t trust them. Never liked or trusted Google Authenticator either.

    Stop telling third parties where you’re logging in all of the time and handing over your personal information to them. Privacy breach!
    Create your own username and password on GoDaddy and on other websites. Stop being lazy!

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