GoDaddy Job: Aftermarket Domain Sales Account Executive


A couple of my GoDaddy connections on LinkedIn posted a job opening that might appeal to someone with domain name brokerage experience. GoDaddy is looking to hire an Aftermarket Domain Sales Account Executive in the company’s Cambridge, Massachusetts office. The hire will work on the Afternic side of the business, handling inbound leads on domain names listed for sale via GoDaddy.

Here’s the heart of the job listing:

Afternic by GoDaddy, the largest premium domain reseller in the industry, is looking for world class sales and account management talent to join our outstanding Sales Team at our beautiful Cambridge campus.

Our sales team is responsible for managing inbound leads and calls to generate revenue by closing new business at or above quota level. If you are passionate about sales, have great communication skills, and are highly organized and motivated then this is the perfect opportunity for you!

**Must be willing and able to work evenings and weekends when needed to field sales opportunities from all over the world**

More important than domain industry or domain name sales experience is general sales experience. The company stated that “Knowledge of the Domain Aftermarket is a plus,” but that is not a requirement for this job. I imagine it is much easier to teach someone about domain names than it would be to teach someone how to sell. If a candidate is a top performing salesperson in another industry, they can probably adapt to selling domain names.

If you know of someone who might have an interest in a domain industry corporate sales position, this job opportunity was just posted this week. As of the time of writing this article, fewer than 25 people have applied for the job.


  1. > from all over the world

    Does anyone in the industry have employees with ability to deal with the Chinese market, meaning native Chinese speakers? There seem to be pretty high cultural/language barrier and Chinese domain market lives nearly independent life, with their own marketplaces, escrow services and so on.

    • Hi moo, GoDaddy/Afternic actually has a sales office in Shanghai that takes live, local-language leads for our customers.

      • Hi Paul,
        is there a local phone line, wechat or whatever else the office is using that I could have added to my landing pages? I have some Chinese words domains (which target the Chinese market, obviously) so it would be awesome to have such option.

  2. Why don’t they change the logo and wordings of “Afternic” to GoDaddy,
    I bet it will get more sales as Godaddy is widely known and more reputable.

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