Frank Schilling Denied Entry at DomainFest

Jeff Kupietsky and Frank Schilling

File this under funny things that you don’t see every day.

As you can see in the photo above, Frank didn’t have his badge and wasn’t allowed entry into the afternoon panel at DomainFest. CEO Jeff Kupietsky tried unsuccessfully to vouch for Frank despite showing the security guard his business card and proclaiming, “I’m paying for this event!”

After a few minutes of negotiating with the security guard, a staff member passed by and vouched for Frank.


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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. @Shaun,

    Well you guys do chill all day long and do nothing but drink beer. Makes us folks down here a bit jealous. Can you really blame us?

  2. CEO Jeff Kupietsky tried unsuccessfully to vouch for Frank despite showing the security guard his business card and proclaiming, β€œI’m paying for this event!”

    Maybe …
    because since Oversee CEO Jeff Kupietsky has become …
    “the Invisible Man” no one recognized him ever since Moniker’s recently disgraceful, Who-is security-breach coverup scandal,
    that’s still blowing in the wayward wind.


  3. Frank, stop being so freaking cheap…tip the security guard $100 bucks and your in…that simple…quit trying to explain crap to the security…your Frank Schilling!

    you need to learn how to use the power of money to get the things you want your way!

    no beard, no blonde hair…nerdy frank…trying to explain to security…what a dork!

    blonde spiked up hair with beard…party animal frank…the frank that i know…would have dropped $1000 bucks to the security and told her to take the month off

  4. Elliot:
    I’m surprised you published some of those comments. The security guard was doing her job. It’s hard enough for some to come by a job these days, those that have one are doing what they can to keep them.
    Funny story though. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter who you are – “no tickie, no laundry”
    Have a great day.

  5. …I bet if it were John Kerry or the late Ted Kennedy, after they said, Do you know who I am, the security guard would have let them in…As a local politician here in Boston calls it Frank, You don’t know what the “Preachers handshake is?…Ha! Ha!

  6. He showed them his Business Card. LOL – you think they know him? You think they know his name? You think they know what Domains are?

    They just did their job πŸ˜‰

  7. He showed them his Business Card. LOL

    What a sharpie …
    any ghetto rat knows the $20 handshake,
    but NO he has a missy fit on the minimum wager.

  8. Not sure why anyone is upset? We know who he is but to security they do not….IF this was someone we did not know and someone else vouched for them and he did something bad who is the first people they would blame….security..You should be happy they were so strict…HE DID NOT HAVE A BADGE!

  9. I’d like to pre-announce the 4th-quarter, 2011 launch of (SVC). SVC will publish tongue-in-cheek commentary on domain-industry news and trends and will eventually offer a moderated forum, as well as domain registration services and auctions. It is our goal to become regarded as “The Onion” of the domaining industry, while at the same time providing factual coverage and commentary on those subject held so near and dear to the average domainer’s heart.

    Let’s face it, none of you commoners reg’ing are going to make the kind of money the guys who were smucky (smart ‘n lucky) back in the mid-90’s have already made. The money is-a-flowin’ to the registrars and the holders of “I-Reg’d-This-Zillion$ and now I’m going to sell it for 7-figures to this multinational corporation that’s paying with taxpayer funded bailout money”, but not to you – unless the occasional $1,000 turns you on. So while you’re dreaming of that pie-in-the-sky payday, we’ll do our best to inform you and make you laugh.

    We’ll entertain some of you and we’ll p*ss some of you off, but whichever it is, we’ll make sure we have fun doing so.

    – TBC

  10. The security were probably just doing theyre job. Im sure the contract contains something to the effect of ‘don’t let anyone in without a proper ID” .
    @Cheese -good luck in your latest venture, but *please* in the interests of comedy, dont neglect your regular contributions here – they are by far the funniest thing in the domain world right now πŸ™‚

  11. @ LindaM, good one! You go, @Cheese!

    Did anyone hear this is a small town? If a security rep hired in Los Angeles lets someone in for a bribe, word gets around. They might never work in security again!

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