.FM Selling Emoji Domain Names

One of the more surprising trends to me of late has been Emoji domain names. Over the last couple of years, these domain names have become somewhat popular amongst domain investors. Emoji domain names are not available to buy in many extensions (such as .com), but it seems like some registries have benefitted by making them available to register.

According to a press release this morning, the .FM registry is allowing people to buy Emoji domain names in the .FM extension. .FM is the ccTLD extension for for the Federated States of Micronesia, but I do not believe there are any geographic restrictions for people who want to register .FM domain names. The registry set up a special landing page for people to search for available .FM domain names, which can be found here: https://Get.fm/Emoji

Here’s what the CEO of the company that operates the .FM registry remarked in the press release:

“As part of our 20th Anniversary, we are thrilled ‘Smiley Face’ to officially launch emoji domains under the .FM Top-Level Domain,” remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman & CEO of BRS Media, Inc. “Emoji Branding is the next frontier in Creative Digital Marketing and we look forward to the originality and inspiring usage of emoji domains by dotFM clients. Today emojis are incorporated in all aspects of consumers’ online conversations; mobile devices, social media, texting, messaging, and now web domains! dotFM is excited to be one of only a few prime TLDs to support emoji-based domain names.”

It looks like the registry reserved some of its “premium” Emoji domain names and have them priced accordingly. For instance, 💩.fm (“pile of poo”) is $4,995, 🔥.fm (“fire”) is $3,995, and 🕷.fm (“spider”) is $2,495 for the first year of registration.

.FM domain names are quite expensive compared to other extensions that have made Emoji domain names available (such as .WS). The price of registering an Emoji .FM domain name at GoDaddy, for example, is $118.99. This appears to be a discounted price available via the Get.FM website since the standard pricing is $169.99.

Personally, I am not really big on Emojis or Emoji domain names, but it seems like a smart move for the registry operator to open this potential revenue stream.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • Honestly, it is both issues. I only really buy .com domain names besides a few randoms.

      I am not really an Emoji user either. I got fed up with accidentally hitting the Emoji button on the iPhone in text messages that I disabled the Emoji keyboard a while ago and don’t really miss it. An occasional 🙂 usually suffices for me.

      I also don’t really think they are “investable” for me. I don’t see them selling to end user buyers at high enough prices to make an investment worthwhile. I don’t think they pass the radio test “visit double smiley face lightning rod .FM to see the offer” and I don’t foresee marketing agencies or brands spending big money to get an ROI that makes the time and money spend worthwhile for me.

    • It makes sense that not every type of investment is for every investor. You certainly deal in the premium end of the market. The type of domain that a brand would make their home domain, brand and most obvious port of call.

      For me, they still represent an interesting concept as internet infrastructure that offers things no other domain can. Attention grabbing things like colour, graphics and (unless not deleted) on more smartphones than any other language.

  1. looks like Fm like the emojis, and for some it might work great, the music ones.

    but for me the 10 year cost of ownership of about $1500-1800, or having to resell to a buyer and know they have that ahead of them , versus the $220 or so for ten years of a .ws – and the credibility of at least thousands of existing sites, keeps me on .ws

    plus the innovation that can come with a $5 cost of entry in .ws seems more likely.

    welcome to emoji .FM

    Page Howe

  2. Page,

    If it helps, you or you future clients can use https://dot.fm/pricing.cfm to bring emoji .FM registration down to $73.99 per year if registered or renewed in five year increments. This will cut the 10 year cost of emoji .FM ownership down to around $750.

    I used GoDaddy domain discount club to register two emoji .FM domains at around $100 each, per year.

    Even at these steep prices, do you think it’s necessary to supplement your best emoji domains with matching emoji .FM domains? Either (a) with hopes not to lose a sale if the customer notices the same emoji is available in .FM [or other ccTLD], OR (b) to offer an interested customer both emoji [insert ccTLD here] AND matching emoji.FM?

    I ask this because the more registries that start offering emoji domain registration, the greater the annual liability for the investoty should they continue to acquire matching emoji ccTLDs.

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