Daily Poll: Do You Invest in .CO Domain Names?


Sedo is running a .CO domain name auction through August 2nd. The keywords up for sale are arguably some of the best .CO domain names. I looked at NameBio, and it seems like .CO domain names sell somewhat sporadically (620 publicly recorded sales in NameBio in the last year), although like everything else, many sell privately.

I do not plan to bid in the auction, but I would be interested in knowing how many others invest in .CO domain names:


  1. personally, i think the time for .co and .io as leading .com alternatives for startups is coming to an end, and thus so is their relevance as investments. given the new gtlds, those re-appropriated country code tlds are even less necessary (not to mention the issues with .io [1]).

    with google pushing widespread adoption of progressive web apps, i believe their .app gtld may become the preferred alternative to .com for startups.

    .com will continue to be the most sought after extension, with .org also likely retaining it’s popular usage among relevant orgs, but even .net will continue to fall with the proliferation of the new gtlds and specifically .app.

    i also expect a continued rise of cctld usage within each country as .com alternatives, with tlds like .de, .in, .cn, etc becoming even more ubiquitous.

    at this point, i’d only possibly buy a .co to defend a .com i’m planning to develop. however, i think it’s more important to first get the .org, the .app from google, and even the .net before considering a defensive registration of .co/.io/etc.

    major cctlds and even .us are likely to be more relevant than .co and .io in the near future.

    [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.io#Controversy

  2. I used to watch some relatively cool .co names and they often seem to get dropped after 1st year, which is usually a seriously discounted reg.

  3. It has become more difficult to invest in .co names now that they are holding back many of the domains that expire. Hopefully we get some insight at some point as to why and/or how long they plan to do it.

  4. I used to have a couple of dozen but dropped most other than telecoms.co which is perfect for a Telecoms company . Sedo didn’t advertise this sale v well as I only heard about it two days ago and I would have liked to have included this domain for sale !

  5. I have had very good .Co sales (I do not sell anything below a 5 figure).
    The best extension after .com but you need to have top names.

    • No response … yeah, just what I thought. LOL!
      I wager you have NEVER, EVER had a 5-figure .CO sale!
      Anyone would be proud to divulge a 5-figure .CO sale, if it were in fact true. And you claim to have had several. HA! I call B.S.

  6. The support from the.co registry is pretty bad, last year I dropped around 8k plus. Co names. Still holding to some of the 3 letter.Co’s. Most are sold under 5k ranges for me.

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