Daily Poll: Will New GoDaddy Landers Perform Better?


Andrew Allemann reported that GoDaddy has (finally) added its logo to domain name inquiry landing pages on a subset of domain names in its NameFind portfolio. You can look at the screenshot Andrew provided or you can visit Cuisine.com to see how the new landing page looks. To compare to the old landing page – and the one still used by most of its domain names – you can visit Tornado.com.

I believe the thinking is the GoDaddy logo will enhance trust over the Afternic logo since more people are familiar with GoDaddy than Afternic. If trust is established at the outset, people may be more inclined to submit offers. On the other hand, people may not even notice the difference or care that it’s GoDaddy vs. Afternic.

Do you think the new / revised GoDaddy landing page will perform better?

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  1. As already mentioned, why keep the Afternic brand alive at all? It just sends a confusing signal to have both logos on the landing page.

    • Just a guess, but if they do decide to phase out Afternic, it would take a lot of time and effort to ensure the change is seamless and nothing is overlooked.

      I don’t know if that is in their plans though.

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