Daily Poll: Have You Accidentally Let a Domain Name Expire?


Every day, I either bid on expired domain names or I observe expired domain name auctions. These names went to auction because someone either didn’t want to renew their domain name, forgot to renew their domain name, didn’t receive their renewal notice with no credit card on file, or some other scenario that left the domain name unrenewed. The main beneficiary of expired domain name auctions is the registrar, auction platform, and I suppose the winning bidder.

I like to think I keep pretty good track of my domain names and don’t let the good ones expire. I do this by keeping my contact information update, a valid credit card on file, and auto-renew enabled. I can’t recall a time off the top of my head that I accidentally let a domain name expire. I am sure this happens though, and I am curious about how much it happens to domain investors.

Have you ever accidentally let one of your domain names expire? Vote in today’s daily poll. What happened with the domain name after it expired?

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  1. Mottler.com

    And a .university domain that went viral with 24,000+ visitors in 12 hours. Name cheap failed to remind me days before it expired and the .university domain was registered at a unpopular registrar that updated their design causing complications for payment.

  2. I have not accidentally allowed a name to drop but I have certainly felt “droppers regret” on a handful of names. I intentionally allowed them to drop based on my assessment of them and later had a change of heart about my assessment and wished I have not allowed the name to drop. C’est la vie!

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