Create a List of Keyword Domain Names in Excel


I’ve often searched for available keyword domain names in bulk using a keyword list and Microsoft Excel. I appended .com on to the end of the keyword string and then pasted it into a bulk domain checker at a domain registrar like

Here’s how to turn a list of keywords into a list of domain names:

1) Paste keyword list into Excel workbook Column A
2) In Column B enter .com and copy it all the way down to the last row where you have something in Column A
3) In Column C, enter this function: =concatenate(A1,B1)
4) Copy cell C1 and paste all the way down to the last cell where you have keyword and .com
5) This may or may not be necessary depending on where you take the list, but since column C is still filled with functions, Copy all the cells in Column C and Paste Special as “Values”
6) Copy list in Column C and paste it in the Bulk domain checker


    • @ Noon

      Someone had asked about how to do it in private, so I posted it in public. The link is the same one as in the big banner on the top right. It’s a tracking link not referrals, and they are paying monthly not for signups, sales, or CPM.

    • @ jamesb

      “working every angle”

      Don’t click the link if you don’t want. Don’t read my blog if you don’t want… nobody forcing you to do either. As mentioned before, I don’t make any more or less with that link…. and trust me, my blog isn’t paying my bills… selling domain names pays my bills.

  1. Elliot, it’s a badge of honor when your blog is popular enough to attract trolls and whiners. It means you’ve made it…

    So ignore them and keep up the good work!

  2. @ SL

    LOL… I think there have been trolls and whiners since day 1 🙂

    I’m just glad people are comfortable enough with posting comments and their opinions here, without worrying that I won’t publish them or edit them.

  3. @Robbie,
    When i consistently use it stops giving me available domains saying i have done a serch of more than 500 when i have less searches done..Know anyhow i can fix this?

  4. How do you remove all the spaces in between the keywords?

    If list is …
    keyword1 keyword2

    concatenate will just give you keyword1

    what is the command to remove space in-between keyword1 keyword2?


  5. Not sure, but you can then copy the new row and paste “values” which will then give you the actual keywords instead of just A1, B1. Once that’s done, highlight the row and do a find / change. In the row to be replaced, click the spacebar, and then click replace all, and the space will be removed.

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