WhyPark Helps Me Launch Crib Recall Website

As I blogged about last night, I was able to buy DropSideCribs.com and DropSideCrib.com last night for registration fee. There is currently a large consumer recall for drop side cribs made by a company called Storkcraft, and over a million cribs are impacted sold at most major retail stores.

Michael Sumner from MiniSites.com suggested I put together a quick mini site, and I agree that a mini site would be a good way to go. This would allow me to be indexed in Google, which would have probably been unlikely with a parked page. The downside is that I am not an expert designer/developer, and it would have taken me a few hours to put something small together, and it just wasn’t worth my time.

I then thought about another option, which would allow me to develop a pseudo mini site. I contacted Craig Rowe of WhyPark and sent him a couple articles I wrote along with a stock photo I bought for a dollar.   He quickly whipped together a WhyPark website. Instead of simply parking it with Parked.com, I have given the site a chance to be ranked in Google and Yahoo, and we’ll see how it goes.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Looks good.

    As you said, you can monetize it and maintain Google placement and build PR.

    Very smart.

    I don’t park anything anymore and I’ll be doing this with many of our names soon.

    Looks nice.

    – Aron

  2. Hi El_Silver,

    Good move, with contacting Craig. You could also contact Kelly Urqhart, the WhyPark administrator. She’s also an expert at customer service and helping you reach your website goals quickly.

    I am moving at least 2/3’s of my 3500 filtered domains to Whypark, a few each week, as I understand the relevant content to the filtered domains (“filtered domains” means “domains you’ve renewed after watching them for a year or more”). If you’re holding on to certain domains and renewing them, you’re “filtering” them for value, in one sense or another.

    The biggest benefit for working with Whypark is that instead of leaving your keyword generic longtails lounging uselessly at a parking site, you can get content on them with Parked.com feeds for FREE, and get a chance to have them PRed at Google and other SE’s.

    As I said over a year ago, Whypark is a MUST for domain investors who have keyword niche domains that don’t get a lot of typeins, and would benefit with content (and the ability to add custom pages with your own original content) for free.

    Sign up through Elliot’s referral here on his site and get special attention to your needs at Whypark. If you have other questions and requests, you can contact me directly too.

    Excellent on the nob focus, El — nabbing those domains at OOTB prices. I am looking forward to seeing your report on the results after 30 days.

  3. Hi El,

    Why not? I thought you had a referral link – why did I think that? Whypark really helps their referrers, and you’re in a great position to help your readers receive the best results because of who you are.

    But maybe you’re just a great guy giving out topnotch info with no expectations of returns… which makes me think — dude, did you get some of that stock broker bonus cash the govt just paid out? 😉

    Keep up the good work, because you are a blessing to many domainers, new and old. (Thanksgiving means more than just pilgrims and Native Americans sitting down for a big meal).

    Have a great TG, bro.

  4. Great work Elliot – I also see the page got cahced today (11/25/09) by Google….I am very interested in seeing how you do in Google’s rankings….do you have any link building strategies in place?

    I’d also look into adding some text footer navigation links if you could….I tried WhyPark once and can’t remember why I wasn’t so into it – but am thinking now I should revisit it….

    Happy Gobble, Gobble – you parade bound tomorrow?

  5. @ Andrew

    The one thing I will say is that I am sure the link from my blog helped with the quick indexing. However, I think the site looks good, required minimal time for set up (with the help of Craig), and had relevant content about a hot topic nearly immediately.

    I also think the 2 articles I wrote helped as well.

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